Baroque decor in the bedroom

Baroque decor in the bedroom

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The baroque style will give your room a royal air, with a sumptuous decoration and an elegant atmosphere on the program. Ideal in the bedroom, the baroque style will bring a cozy and very intimate atmosphere to your interior. Here are some ideas for creating a baroque style in your bedroom.

Furniture with curved lines

Maisons du Monde ### Choose furniture in the Baroque style, that is to say furniture where straight lines are banned in favor of curved lines and curved legs which give a very elegant whole. Also choose feminine furniture like a dressing table, ideal in the bedroom.

Patterned wallpaper

Graham & Brown ### The Baroque room particularly appreciates the patterns. So you can afford a fairly loaded wallpaper that will dress the wall and create a warm atmosphere. In the same way, you can easily choose dark colors.

Baroque accessories ### If you want to create a baroque style with accessories, without changing your original decor, bet on objects with a strong personality. Choose a chandelier with pendants, and decorate the wall with a giant sticker that takes on baroque shapes.

A monumental headboard

Pebeo ### Finally, to crown the bedroom, install a monumental headboard! If you don't have furniture, you can still paint one on the wall using a stencil.