The bedroom prepares for the holidays

The bedroom prepares for the holidays

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Because we are already thinking of summer vacation, to wait, we travel in the decoration of the room. Choose a destination and decline its style in this room to dream of the next trip. 10 destinations from here and elsewhere are to be discovered!

A riad in Marrakech

Maisons du monde The thousand and one nights make you dream? Marrakech holds out its arms to you. Riad atmosphere guaranteed with a canopy bed in wrought iron and metal lanterns. On the color side, to change oriental codes, we opt for deep blues that will recall the Majorelle garden.

A wooden house on Cape Cod

Maisons du monde Imagine your house on a beach full of character! Your bedroom would then be a combination of blue and white and the white wooden slats would be the material of choice for a very relaxing set.

A stopover in Mongolia

Alinéa In your room, not a yurt but colorful textiles with shimmering patterns that evoke the richness of Mongolian prints. And to evoke craftsmanship, wood in different shades adorns the floor, the walls and the furniture.

The natural spirit of Thailand

Purpose For a trip to Thailand without leaving your room, you will bet on a certain simplicity which gives way to original materials such as bamboo. A canopy bed with light textiles will set the scene.

A farm in the Périgord

But Here, it is the chic rustic spirit that we come looking for with beautiful traditional furniture in soft wood that recalls the warm welcome of the inhabitants. And for a more authentic room, the stone wall has its effect.

A room in a Tokyo building

Aim Make way for high tech with a refined room designed for the well-being of its user. On the program, technological accessories like LED strips to create a trendy atmosphere.

A chalet in Haute-Savoie

Blanc des Vosges In summer, too, we go on vacation in the mountains and enjoy a warm environment where wood and warm colored textiles create an atmosphere that changes from the rest of the year.

A design room in Stockholm

Blanc des Vosges Clean and warm design thanks to the alliance of white and wood, this is the bet of Sweden. There is chic and practical furniture and worked patterns that dress the bed linen and provide character to the decor.

A suite in Cannes

Alexandre Turpault It is not because the festival is over that one should not take advantage of Cannes. Cinema atmosphere in the bedroom with a very nice contrast of black and white and a very nice photo of Audrey Hepburn in an atmosphere as chic as she is.


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