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10 containers that are proudly displayed at the table

10 containers that are proudly displayed at the table

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When you cook for your friends, you tend to take out pretty presentation dishes because it is therefore unthinkable to install the pot at the table. However, some baking dishes are so aesthetic that they are proudly displayed on the table! Demonstration.

A common dish for dessert

Love Creative People While the verrines had gradually made the common dish disappear, the retro-looking models return to the table and allow the dessert to be shared in a friendly atmosphere, like this crumble in its enamelled steel dish.

Cooking pots at the table

Ikea And when the pots are so decorative, we no longer hesitate to install them in the center of the table to give a friendly atmosphere to the meal while playing the retro menu of old pots. Ideal for serving a family dish!

The tagine dish for a themed meal

Alinéa To give the atmosphere of your oriental dinner, it is impossible to miss the tagine dish. But it would have much less effect if it remained in the kitchen so it is installed directly on the table.

The condiment jars as a guest star

Ikea We no longer hesitate to invite the condiment jars directly on the table. Not only does this allow food to be stored better, but the jars will also give an original style to your decoration.

The user-friendly cutting board

Ikea In Italy, pizzas are eaten on a wooden board. At home we do the same and we bring the homemade pizza on a large cutting board so that everyone can cut the part that makes them happy.

Plastic boxes are more than practical

Ikea Not only practical, plastic boxes also find their place on the table! At breakfast, for example, they avoid unsightly cereal boxes in order to standardize the whole table. A real tip.

The cake pans are on display

Ikea The cake molds are now so creative that they can also be used as presentation dishes as is the case with these pretty molds which look like flowers and which also display pretty colors.

The pie pan also goes to the table

Ikea If you are afraid that your pie will break when it is removed from the mold, you can play it safe by bringing the mold directly to the table since it offers beautiful colors and a modern look.

A basket of strawberries

Alinéa And if the dessert accommodates strawberries, we play the country menu by placing in the center of the table the basket in which we brought them from the market. It is original and ideal for summer meals.