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What cradle for the nursery?

What cradle for the nursery?

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The cradle is not only the cozy nest of babies, but also, from a decorative point of view, the strong element of their room. So you might as well choose it ...

Rounded shapes for the cradle

La Redoute ### To wrap baby's nights in tenderness, why not start by choosing a cradle with round shapes. Here, the Legend cradle from La Redoute with a cloudy look brings a delicate and voluptuous touch to the room, enough to set the tone.

Old style

La Redoute ### If you are attached to traditional and authentic decor, here is a cradle that you should like. Recalling those that our grandparents had in their time, it is above all a comfortable dodo corner for newborns, adapted to their size and which lulls the room of charm.

Baby King, King Cradle

La Redoute ### Here is another example in image of a cradle with playful shapes to brighten up the room. A strong element of the baby's bedroom, the cradle alone creates a soft and childlike atmosphere, making the accumulation of decorative accessories unnecessary.

Storage cradle

La Redoute ### Yes for a nice cradle, but if it becomes functional, it's even better! With its sliding and ultra discreet storage space, you can easily dispose of blanket, bed linen and comforters under the cradle, in all discretion.


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