A romantic style decor in the bedroom

A romantic style decor in the bedroom

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The bedroom is the ideal room for the romantic style! Indeed, it is in this room that we most need privacy and that we are looking for a real cocoon of sweetness. Thanks to the romantic style, it's done! Here are some tips and tricks to give a romantic style to the bedroom.

A classic atmosphere

Goal ### To give the room a romantic air without opting for an overly feminine style, choose a more classic atmosphere. You will then bet on white, cream and string which will bring a lot of light into the room. Choose elegant furniture and a carpet for a warm spirit.

A style of yesteryear

Maisons du Monde ### If your room allows it, place the bed in an alcove to create a real cocoon of intimacy. Bet on neutral colors like variations of gray to give a style of yesteryear. The romantic accessory The ultimate bird cage.

Beautiful bed linen

Yves Delorme ### To give elegance to the bedroom, it is important to choose beautiful bed linen. Opt for shimmering materials, multiply the pillows and choose soft colors. Do not hesitate to give the appearance of a hotel bed to this central room of the room.

Blue too

Maisons du Monde ### If pink is too feminine for you and your spouse, know that you can also create a very romantic style with colors like gray and even blue! Then choose a very soft shade and marry it with white. Complete it all with furniture with feminine lines.