The dining room goes down to the garden

The dining room goes down to the garden

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Large family table set up in the garden or, on the contrary, a small bistro table on the balcony, this summer, we are sure to go out for lunch!

A dining room near the house

Leroy Merlin Like an annex to the kitchen, the outdoor dining room is adorned with bright colors that we wouldn't necessarily dare to put inside for fear of getting bored, but which for the few summer months are welcome.

Like a real dining room

Maisons du Monde We are not afraid to push the concept to the end with this outdoor table lamp. The garden then takes on the appearance of the opulent dining room of a beautiful bourgeois house.

A dining room that disappears and reappears

Leroy Merlin Hidden in a shelf, the dining table top unfolds at mealtimes. A space saving piece of furniture that is as discreet as it is practical, ideal for small areas!

Cover in the heart of the vines

Maisons du Monde When the sun is shining, why not place the dining table outside in a pretty corner of the garden?

Think practical!

Cyrillus For everyday meals, prefer a coated tablecloth that can be cleaned with a simple sponge. In addition, these tablecloths today have trendy patterns and colors, such as dots or stripes: it would be a shame to deprive yourself!

A garden furniture that does not fear the rain

Ikea What could be more original and joyful than this sky of umbrellas which is not afraid of the vagaries of the weather?

A very Scandinavian outdoor dining room

Ikea On the covered terrace of the weekend hut discover the pleasure of being together and living the Danish "hygge" (translate into an atmosphere where life is good).

Unusual: a dining room on the water

Maisons du Monde Whether you are inside, outside or even on the water, when you sit down to eat you appreciate that it is nicely erected!

Even the balcony lets itself be seduced!

Ikea 60 cm deep is enough to set up a table on the balcony and have lunch alone. Add climbing plants and hanging pots, and voila! Good news, here no need to reserve your place, you are at home.