Arrange a dressing room in a small bedroom

Arrange a dressing room in a small bedroom

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Small bedroom does not necessarily rhyme with nonexistent dressing! There are many solutions that allow the development of a real dressing room in a small room. We have selected a few for you.

Modular furniture

Dielle Here is a great solution when you only have a small space. This high bed, designed by the Italian brand Dielle, opens onto a complete dressing room. The small steps that provide access to the sleeping area are also mounted on a chest of drawers for even more storage space.

Use a whole wall section

Ikéa Keep a wall completely free of decorative objects in your room to install your wardrobe. Some shelves not too deep (you still have to keep a little space), a rod across the width of the wall and voila!

The Ekip solution

Castorama To equip your small bedroom, you can also opt for the modular wardrobes of Castorama. The Ekip solution allows you to choose the parts that suit you for a custom-made wardrobe!

The built-in wardrobe

Lago He knows how to be discreet. A dressing room built into the wall of your bedroom will not give the impression of a solid piece of furniture in the middle of a small room. However, it will allow you to take advantage of the full width of a wall to store your clothes.

A cabin as a dressing room

Celio This is an original idea from the Célio brand. The Romana wardrobe has been specially designed for small spaces and allows you to enjoy a real dressing room while using only two square meters on the floor.

Compartmentalize all

Sobreal We apply here the old adage "divide and rule". Each garment, each object must have its place in your dressing room. Here, we store the belts in a compartmentalized drawer.

A telescopic rod

Wenko Still and always modular. With this telescopic rod, your clothes hanging in height become accessible with a flick of the wrist.

Use angles

Celio You will gain storage space by opting for a corner wardrobe like this. Placed in a corner, it will leave you space in the rest of the room.

Under the slope

Interior & Exterior Is your room under the eaves and can't find a way to install storage furniture? The solution is all found: use the spaces under which you cannot stand to install low cupboards with sliding doors.