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DIY frames

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A photo is not just a memory. It's a moment of life, stolen, shared, darling. A moment with friends, family, people we love. So we want to give our photos a nice setting: what could be better than a homemade frame, with love? We offer 9 tutorials to do wonders!

Customize vintage portraits

Artlex Here is a very nice tutorial, very original to frame old photos, or even recent ones while customizing them: an embroidery drum, and a whole stock of pearls, threads and rhinestones will be necessary to give a little cachet to these photos… It is therefore a question of decorating, coloring or painting them and making them striking! A very design rendering with elements that come out of the photo as if to snap you inside. A beautiful idea easily applicable on your personal photos. Source: Artlex

Feather and neon effect cardboard frames

Madame Citron If all your photos are the same size (Polaroïd formats are very fashionable and you will find many sites to print your photos in this format), this colorful tutorial is made for you! A little featherboard, a pretty colored scotch tape and that immediately gives a new perspective to your personal exhibition! No one will fail to notice your shots. Source: Madame Citron

A wooden frame

This Fictitious A DIY tip 100% recuperated and inexpensive: a walk in the forest or a crate collected at the market and the case is in the bag! Pick up pretty sticks, then assemble them, either with string, nails or glue. You can leave them as is, stick them on a frame or cardboard to have a base. The little extra: the touch of paint that will make Do it yourself even more original. Source: This Fictitious

A masking tape frame

A kutch life This little Japanese scotch tape (also called washi) is easy to cut, to stick… And above all to take off! It will not damage your painting which is a real plus. There is a very wide choice of masking tape but our advice is to choose one that sticks well (and therefore avoid the first prices!). No need for tutorial: just frame your photos with the washi tape. You will find great composition ideas on the internet! Source: A kutch life

A large multi-photo frame

By Isnata Another fun idea: divert a large mottled wooden frame, sand it and paint it in a bright, pastel or gradient color (you can also leave it raw, as in this tutorial!) In order to hang it many photos in it! Here, the idea is to use photos of the same size (the Polaroids are perfect for that) and hang them at the same distance with small clothespins. A striking decorative effect! Source: By Isnata

Chalk frames on a blackboard

I am Doe For this tutorial, everything is allowed: the slightest extravagance, since if you miss a line, you can erase it immediately! As the saying goes, "The only limit is our imagination "The advantage, if you have a large wall on which to put a large blackboard (or paint it with a painting directly) is that you will be able to tell a story in photos: a trip, a family timeline ... It's up to you, draw, compose your table of photos, have fun! Source: I am Doe

And a knitted frame?

Velvet And why not a knitted frame? A good idea that Velvet from the blog A star in the ocean tested and it is rather successful! Source:

A frame with paper straws

The Tomkat Studio Another great idea is that this frame made with paper straws. Fast and very inexpensive! Source: The Tomkat Studio *