Before / After: a 20m² living room with integrated kitchen

Before / After: a 20m² living room with integrated kitchen

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Interior designer Flora Auvray has completely redesigned this two-room apartment of 31 square meters located in the Marais district of Paris. On the living room side, she created a small space with colored glass roof to be able to separate the living room from the open kitchen but also from the bedroom. In the kitchen, it has optimized the space in order to accommodate a maximum of storage without cluttering the small room. On the program, colors and more natural light to make this interior more convivial. ** Area: ** 20m² ** Budget: ** € 9,000 excluding VAT for the renovation of the room, custom-made furniture and the purchase of household appliances

An orange splashback to energize the space

Marc Verneret * After *: The renovated kitchen is much brighter thanks to the white storage elements at the top and bottom. The orange credenza, highlighted by spots located under the tall cupboards, gives warmth and pep to the space. It also highlights the Zimbabwe granite worktop. The furniture was custom-built for perfect functionality thanks to the threaded storage. The plumbing and electricity have been completely redone and the appliances changed.

An old, dimly lit kitchen

Flora Auvray * Before *: In the existing kitchen, a wooden pylon obstructed the space and the room was not bright enough and therefore not very user-friendly. The bar counter was a good idea of ​​layout but cluttering the room more than anything else.

Create a very specific color code

Marc Verneret * After *: The architect had the good idea to establish a color code to delimit the spaces of this small apartment. In the living room and in the kitchen open to the living room, the dominant is orange which brings more warmth and conviviality to the space most used in everyday life.

Playing on contrasts

* After *: Unlike these "day" spaces in which we find a warm color, the "night" part of the habitat has a blue tone in the bedroom. This color is more conducive to relaxation and gives a Zen atmosphere at the sleeping area. The bedroom has the advantage of having a certain privacy preserved thanks to its layout and the canopy which separates the different spaces.

Erect a multicolored canopy

Marc Verneret * After *: In order to separate the living room from the kitchen but also the living room from the bedroom, the architect created a custom colored canopy. She was inspired by the famous paintings of the painter Mondrian to make a modern and bright partition. Indeed, the colored glazing (with yellow, orange and blue hues) was designed in harmonious materials (metallic gray melamine and orange laminate) that can be found throughout the apartment.

Have a through light

Marc Verneret * After *: The glazing of the canopy allows natural light to pass through the room and thus better illuminate the whole. It is a very good way to separate two rooms with very different uses without partitioning the space. The style of the canopy also gives a very arty look to the kitchen and the living room.

Colorful storage niches

Marc Verneret * After *: In the kitchen as in the living room, there are storage compartments painted in a deep and bright orange. This type of storage space significantly enlarges the space and allows the display of books, trinkets or vases. The little extra? Install sockets inside the niches to be able to put a Hi-Fi system or speakers for smartphones without having an apparent electric wire.

Arrange an open kitchen

Flora Auvray * Before *: The owners wanted the kitchen to be open to the living room, but relatively discreet. The only paradox was that they also wanted their little kitchen to be very large, namely that it contained an oven, a built-in hood, a refrigerator but also a washing machine, an induction hob and lots of storage. Flora Auvray therefore has a great deal of ingenuity to meet these criteria by optimizing the kitchen area as much as possible.

Tips to visually enlarge the space

Marc Verneret * After *: In addition to decompartmentalizing the space and bringing it more light, the architect found tips to enlarge the living room and the kitchen. For example, she hid the extra flat hot water tank in the tallest cupboards. These are completely removable in order to be able to change the ball easily. For more information, visit the Flora Auvray website.