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Choosing the sink for your kitchen

Choosing the sink for your kitchen

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In the kitchen, the sink is at the center of preparations and requires to be both functional and aesthetic. Also, its choice should not be left to chance both in terms of its material (earthenware, stainless steel, natural stone, copper ...) as its number of bowls or its shape so that it finds its place in your room. Some models even have special features to be even more functional. To assist you in your selection, we offer a panorama of several sinks, from the most classic to the most original.

Integrated drip tray

Ikea In a studio, this compact sink saves space since it has a drainer inside but also small storage for your cutlery. You don't have to be many to dine, but for a single person, it's a very practical element.

Put a sink in a corner

Villeroy & Boch To use every corner of your kitchen, know that you can completely install a sink in a corner of your room. Just find a suitable model like this, which has several compartments to rinse and drain your vegetables at the same time as you do your dishes.

A sink to ask

Espace Aubade If you want to highlight your sink on your worktop, opt for a white model to ask like this decorative ceramic sink. There is also the same kind of earthenware models for a slightly higher budget but a robust foolproof guarantee.

Built-in sink

Lapeyre On the contrary, if you prefer the sinks built into the worktop, you can choose a model that contrasts with the latter. Here, the black sink and its drainer bring out the immaculate work surface for a contemporary and elegant style.

The sink on a central island

Dupont Corian In a kitchen open to a living room, a more luxurious sink like those of the Dupont Corian brand is welcome. The marble worktop of this copper island highlights the two white basins and the vintage tap. What give a chic look to your space.

Colorful cuisine

Franke The worktop and the white sink will find their place perfectly on a colored storage unit. Avoid superimposing the colors, otherwise you will create an overly colorful and aggressive atmosphere, and prefer to mix the colors with pop decorative objects.

A round sink

Twenga When we talk about a sink, we often imagine a fairly classic rectangular model. However, there are round, smaller and more feminine ones. It is ideal at the end of an L-shaped kitchen or in a corner of the room. You will need to choose a faucet that fits the sink.

A matt colored sink

Cuisissimo To make the difference behind the stove, choose a matte sink to contrast with your clear worktop, in wood or with a marble effect. Resolutely trendy, this type of model will go as well in a modern kitchen as in an industrial room.

Make the sink the centerpiece

Villeroy & Boch In this kitchen, the sink takes an important place and needs to be sufficiently developed. The stainless steel tap brings out its white color and makes it less imposing. Consider installing this type of basin in a bright room.

A large and functional sink

Crosswater Who says round sink does not necessarily mean a single round basin. The proof, this sink has a larger surface that allows you to drain your dishes without placing them on the worktop (especially if it is wooden) but keeping a fairly small size.

A white and designer sink

Lapeyre This Lapeyre model goes well with all types of materials and colors of the worktop. Add stainless steel taps and metal accessories (soap dish, hand basin, sponge holder, etc.) to give the room a sleek, designer look.

A stone sink

Occitanie Pierres This immediately sets the tone. In a rustic or Provencal kitchen, prefer a sink built in a raw material: stone. Play with the colors and natural imperfections of this material, which gives a crazy charm to the space.

A copper sink

Elkay Another metal that can be used in the manufacture of a sink: copper. It is to be preferred in a retro or industrial kitchen. Consider installing a vintage faucet to create a more harmonious atmosphere.

Install your sink at the end of an island

Villeroy & Boch On a small central island, it is sometimes difficult to arrange each element in an optimal way. Forget the traditional sink located in the center and try to fix it at the end of the island. You will be able to move around better, but also wipe and store your dishes more easily.

A concrete imitation sink

Maisons du monde Concrete is THE trend in the kitchen today. There are different models of sinks that one would swear are concreted but which are in reality in natural stone like this one signed Maisons du monde. We love the double sink.

A stainless steel sink

Leroy Merlin It is a safe bet and an inexpensive material. Stainless steel is king in modern and rather monochrome cuisine. It does not scratch but can quickly have visible traces of lime. So remember to maintain it regularly and make it shine with a specific product.

Play discretion

Darty At Darty, discretion is the order of the day in this Scandinavian style kitchen. To go with the wooden worktop and the white storage elements, the kitchen designer puts on a sink in clear resin which blends into the decor.

Continuity of the work plan

Darty In this kitchen, the drainer can be seen painted since it extends into a worktop. The result ? The space is considerably enlarged and refined. This also allows you to release the credenza, which can then remain blank or accommodate a credenza bar to hang your utensils.

A compartmentalized sink

Darty Here's an innovative sink to say the least. It has multiple compartments and small bins to easily drain the food you have just rinsed, the flowers from which you cut the stem and of course your dishes. Everything is made of stainless steel, for a professional look.


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