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10 ways to customize paper suspensions

10 ways to customize paper suspensions

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What could be simpler than a paper pendant to illuminate a room? Too simple, you tell us. This is without counting on the boundless imagination and creativity you can show to customize it! For a pleasant interior that reflects your image, take matters into your own hands. Here are 10 DIY personalized, fun and original lights, to be made from a Chinese ball.

The polka dot lampshade

Com 2 girls The peas have a malicious side which is perfect for a child's room. Luckily, they are easy to reproduce on a paper hanger. All you need is a template, a can of paint and a brush, and voila! Of course, this also works for other geometric patterns such as stars or chevrons. Source:

The piñata pendant light

A Bubbly Life Treat your blond heads and make them a cute piñata for their birthday party! Customize the Chinese ball using crepe paper ribbons and then fill it with candies and sweets. Prepare to see your work destroyed by the children, only the surprises hidden inside the piñata will interest you! Source:

The balloon light

Deconomical The hot air balloon, with its rounded shapes in multiple colors, is a great classic of the childish universe, especially since the animated film Là Haut. This DIY should put stars to your child's eyes. To him the dreams of air travel! Source:

The floral composition

A Bubbly Life Fresh flowers are often part of the party when organizing a party or event. If you like the bohemian-chic trend, then this DIY is for you. You just need to choose the flowers of your composition and arrange them elegantly on your Chinese ball by placing the stems in the holes. Delicacy and poetry will be there! Source:

The design light

The 3rs blog With this incredible DIY, your friends may ask you where you found your designer light. Aside from countless paper triangles and a healthy dose of patience, you won't need much to customize your Chinese ball. The result has its effect, we guarantee it! Source:

Animal suspensions

Hello Mother Dodo Who has never dreamed of having a lamp with the image of their favorite animal as a child? With these DIY, you will be spoiled for choice: panda, rabbit, elephant or even cat and owl. A very nice idea to personalize a Chinese ball and bring cheerfulness to your cherubim's room. Source:

The origami lamp

Beautifully Contained No, this light did not come straight from a trendy decoration store! If you have some origami notions, it is within your reach and could soon take center stage in your living room. You just have to make paper casseroles and fix them carefully on your Chinese ball. Do not hesitate to opt for color for more pep! Source:

The romantic chandelier

Christina Caroll Photography Paper suspensions are great classics for weddings and other events: arranged in a cluster or a garland, they always have a little effect. This DIY is superb, and alone decorates an imposing room. To reproduce it, nothing could be simpler: a hoop, some branches, a light garland, wire and ribbons. Guaranteed wow effect on your guests! Source:

Christmas lantern

A Bubbly Life The paper pendant can be personalized for all special occasions. This DIY is very simple but it will bring modernity to your Christmas decor. You don't need much besides tissue paper, a big "fir punch" and a little glue! A good decorative idea to place at the foot of the tree next to the gifts. Source: