The 10 decorative projects you can never do when the kids are there

The 10 decorative projects you can never do when the kids are there

During the summer holidays, your children are with their grandparents and you finally enjoy the house just for you! This is an opportunity to do this great spring cleaning, one that you could not do last season because they were in your paws all day. So we have listed for you 10 decorative projects to improve your home sweet home that it is now time to realize.

Cleaning grandma's silverware

Silverware Jean Scalabrino Silverware is languishing at the back of the closet, away from light but above all from your children's faces ... The good news now that they are several hundred kilometers from the home? You will be able to clean it by soaking it, surrounded by aluminum foil, in boiling water. Better, you will then be able to invite your friends and use them.

Decorate the WC

A beautiful mess It is the big neglected of the house - at least in terms of decoration ... and yet it is the whole tribe who passes there every day and on several occasions: the toilets! Absent children, you will finally be able to pay him some attention! Not trivial wall decoration, recuperated ideas for storage… consult our toilet file to revamp this room from A to Z in just a few days!

Clean the carpet

La Redoute He smells of wet dog, has suffered various attacks with milk chocolate and buttered toast… Beyond the dust which even covers his designs, he must camouflage crumbs of crisps and cookies. He is one of the most faithful companions of your living room, we named the carpet. Without risking raising children's allergies, you can dust it by tapping it outside and then pour a mixture of sparkling water and baking soda. Finish by vacuuming several times.

Redo the kitchen

Ikea Your absent children, this is the perfect opportunity to tackle a big decorative file that has obsessed you for a long time: redo the kitchen. You have the design and functional model with built-in appliances and extractor hood! Of course during the work, you will have to picnic with tomatoes and tuna sandwiches. But without the grunts of the little ones, admit that the situation is charming…

Change broken bulbs

Original BTC Since the time that the light bulb in the hallway gave up the ghost ... in the same way as those of the super design - but useless - light in the living room. With children at home, you are always afraid of a short juice, a broken bulb or a sprained ankle when falling from the stepladder. Now ... you have no more excuses.

Show tables

Decorenvy Months - even years - that they vegetate on the ground, on the ground or out of sight in the cupboard of the entrance, waiting for their time ... The children gone, your pretty framed pictures will finally be able to be hoisted to the walls in joy and good humor and occupy the place they deserve! No risk of deaf children when the drill sounds!

Rearrange their wardrobe

Go to your room Your children are growing up and you almost have to apologize when you enter their room. Take advantage of their absence to reorganize their dressing room by classifying clothes by gender and color but also by not hesitating to sort them out to give away the things they no longer wear.

Repainting the bathroom

Leroy Merlin The strong odors of paint in a room often cramped, sometimes without window, the showers to take as at the campsite, one foot in a basin the other in the sink during the duration of the work… all these reasons have what to discourage the most daring parents. Do your children take the pill in the sun? And if it was the time to revamp the pond without upsetting their comfort?

Makeover the sofa

Fly He will have lived adventures. The first months of baby, marked by the famous regurgitations, aperitifs with friends, family TV sets ... There are a few tips to avoid replacing it while bringing it a second youth such as dyeing, changing its cover or covering it of a mountain of cushions. The children are not there, so take advantage!