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Aviva: 10 kitchens at the cutting edge of 2016 trends

Aviva: 10 kitchens at the cutting edge of 2016 trends

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Contemporary, vintage, nature and family home ... these are the four trends that upscale kitchen designer Cuisine Aviva decided to highlight in 2016. Kitchens with different styles, sometimes complementary, which offer multiple possibilities for customization and which complete the collections available in a large choice of models. Discovery!


Aviva A combination of light wood and white, clean lines ... this 100% natural cuisine invites comfort and a relaxed lifestyle. Everything we love! Its plus: its large central island which allows family cooking in an airy and friendly space.


Aviva Sober and elegant, this compact kitchen with a total white look literally capsizes us. It is particularly suitable for those looking for simple and friendly cuisine.

Family house

Aviva The family house style never ceases to seduce! This pretty, warm and authentic kitchen, with a cottage spirit that puts on mat facades in the colors of fine sand, handles with buttons, a string of glazed furniture and integrated LED lighting, attests to this. The result: a bright and modern kitchen!

Black & white

Aviva The black and white duo seems more relevant than ever! The proof in pictures with this contemporary and graphic kitchen which plays on the game of contrasts to bring character to the space dedicated to the preparation of meals.

Modern and compact

Aviva Special mention for this ultra compact contemporary kitchen, perfect for a small apartment. Equipped with several low units, its modern style is accentuated by its stainless steel handles and its sleek design.


Aviva Colorful cuisine is back! With its toned red and white facades, this linear kitchen has everything to please! Equipped with low and high furniture and niches in openings, the kitchen turns into a decorative, practical and functional showroom!


Aviva An L-shaped layout and a trendy and graphic cabinet wall… this is the successful cocktail of this contemporary kitchen without handle in concrete and stainless steel.


Aviva Rustic inspiration for this woodland-style, chalet-style kitchen. Simple and functional, it consists of a multitude of storage spaces, closet drawers and tall furniture.


Aviva Tinted with light wood and white, this kitchen with clean, minimalist lines plays the Nordic menu. Its plus: its small central island which transforms, once the meal preparation is complete, into a snack plan.