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New Ikea 2017: practical and friendly kitchens

New Ikea 2017: practical and friendly kitchens

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That's it, Ikea reveals its latest trends for 2017 in its brand new catalog! The ** Ikea 2017 catalog ** will be available online and in paper version on August 16. In the meantime, we are revealing a few ** new kitchen ** items that will make your life easier, help you concoct wonderful little dishes or even make you have a good time with family or friends. Go with us to discover the new Ikea products.

Kitchens between modernity and tradition

Ikea Always a force for proposals in terms of layout, Ikea offers us for 2017, easy-going kitchens, adapted to family life. We note here the presence of storage spaces of different heights from floor to ceiling: no space is lost! A real favorite, however, for this small black shelf, design and practical thanks to these small drawers and hanging hooks. TORHAMN kitchen furniture FALSTERBO steel shelf, € 79

Transparency and wood: charm and authenticity

Ikea To avoid the oppressive side of kitchen furniture, choose glass facades and display your pretty dishes. These natural ash glass doors and the small panes on the windows add a charming touch to your kitchen. TORHAMN natural ash glass door

Smart storage

Ikea We love this pine shelf with metal drawers: it fits perfectly in the kitchen or the pantry. Its look gives an industrial side to your kitchen. They keep your potatoes and onions away from light and store your jars or canned easily. Everything will be well organized thanks to the metal label holders positioned on the edge of the shelves and the fronts of the drawers. IVAR shelf, € 113.49

Sorting: too easy with Ikea!

Ikea Bags, outdoor bins or integrated into your cupboards, Ikea thinks of all the solutions to facilitate sorting. Easy to transport, aesthetic and practical, you have no excuses for not getting started! A few labels affixed to the bins or bags and the whole family can sort their waste. DIMPA waste sorting bag, € 1.99 VARIERA / UTRUSTA built-in sorting bin, € 44 Basket with FILUR lid, € 12.99

A practical and aesthetic sink

Ikea The sink is an element that can make a difference in your kitchen. This novelty from Ikea combines practicality, robustness and aesthetics. It is made of composite quartz, which makes it resistant to scratches and impact. In addition, it is fully recyclable. Its large tray and its half tray allow you to be comfortable in the preparation of your dishes or to do the dishes. We love the retro side of the black faucet with its ceramic handle! HÄLLVIKEN quartz sink, € 264

Utensils at your fingertips

Ikea To facilitate our daily cook and cook, Ikea offers us a thousand and one ways to store our utensils: hooks on the splashback, under a wall shelf, in a pretty glass jar, on a magnetic bar… Everything is done so that nothing is lying around on the worktop!

Children also have the right to cook

Ikea Because cooking is a time of sharing and conviviality, we validate secure utensils so that children can help us prepare the meal. Knife and vegetable peeler are added to the apple cutter already present at Ikea. Long live family cooking! SMABIT knife and vegetable peeler, € 6.99 For adults, we love the series of IKEA 365+ knives (from € 12.99) made of stainless steel, easy to clean.

Pretty jars!

Ikea We love these pretty vintage jars! In all sizes, they will allow you to store spices, aromatic herbs, flour and other ingredients. You can also take the opportunity to get started in the making of your canned vegetables! KORKEN jar series, from € 1.50

A mini kitchen

Ikea Still with a view to optimizing space, Ikea offers us the SUNNERSTA kitchen: minimalist and practical. Sink, credenza bar where you can hang, among other things, its ** portable induction hob ** and integrated mini-fridge. We say yes!

A kitchen with well-kept secrets

Ikea Small in appearance, this kitchen made up of only a few elements, hides behind beautiful linen curtains all the things you want to hide in a kitchen: fridge, bowl and stock of food. We like the sobriety of this gray kitchen with small buttons and pastel touches, brought by these wall cupboards. VOXTORP door series MÖLLARP button, € 3 for 2 pieces

All of Sweden on your plates

Ikea Ikea wanted to put all the essence of Sweden and the colors of nature in a limited series of decorative objects: SÄLLSKAP. These chlorophyll green plates and napkins will brighten up your tables and enhance your dishes. SÄLLSKAP series, to discover in October 2016.