Luxury, modernity and ocean in Joatinga

Luxury, modernity and ocean in Joatinga

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In Brazil, and especially around Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, the beaches are often crowded. Do you dream of fine sand and a little more privacy? You have to go to Joatinga. By the sea, you will find a modern, spectacular villa, ideal if you are looking for luxury and calm for your holidays with family or friends. Good visit !

The ocean at our feet

WhereInRio The infinity pool of our beautiful villa gives the impression of jumping into the ocean. A heavenly view that makes you forget everything else.

Cozy terrace by the pool

WhereInRio By the pool, large woven wicker garden chairs have been installed. For an ideal idle break!

Home Spa

WhereInRio Outside the house, taking advantage of a terrace they never used, the owners installed a spa area. Nothing could be simpler: just place a few futons on the floor and provide a certain amount of clean towels.

An incredible fireplace

WhereInRio The resolutely modern interior decoration of the villa is accentuated by an incredible aluminum chimney breast which extends over the entire height of the ceiling. We love the contrast of genres created by the animal head hanging on it.

Open space

WhereInRio Under the beautiful exposed wooden beams, the top floor is completely open. There are a few distinct spaces like the living room, the kitchen and the dining room.

Lunch on the ocean

WhereInRio In Joatinga, the ocean never leaves you. Thanks to a large picture window, you can admire it from your breakfast table.

A multitude of chandeliers

WhereInRio A beautiful height under ceiling allows, as here, to multiply the chandeliers.

Black & white kitchen

WhereInRio The black and white decor seems timeless. Here, she modernly dresses a fully equipped American kitchen.

Beautiful volumes

WhereInRio The rooms are located down the floors of this villa in Joatinga. It is clear that each room in the house has large spaces. Source: WhereInRio


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