Embroidery: 20 DIY to decorate your home

Embroidery: 20 DIY to decorate your home

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Exit the embroideries a little too cute of our grandmothers and make way for modernity! Are you a DIY enthusiast, rather creative and gifted with your ten fingers? Here is a selection of decorative items to embroider yourself. Cushions, storage boxes, bath and table towels, tables… Everything goes. To your needles!

Embroidery on wood

Delineate Your Dwelling Personalize your storage boxes by embroidering the motif of your choice with ribbon on their lids. Source: Delineate Your Dwelling

Embroidery on cardboard

My Rainy Days Personalize the cover of your small notebooks with darning thread. Use the design of your choice or the one drawn by the blogger of My Rainy Days. Then just pierce the notebook in the places indicated and reproduce the drawing with your thread. Source: My Rainy Days

Cross stitch on wood

Stephanie Bricole For a Scandinavian-inspired decor handmade, use a deer motif to embroider and drill the necessary holes in a wooden board. Then cross stitch, embroider the pattern. Child's play. Source: Stephanie Bricole

Ocean blue embroidery

Tamar Nahir Yanai 2012 If you are new to embroidery, you will certainly find it easier to start with a kit prepared like this (€ 13.93). Once your project is finished, you can sew it on a cushion, a tote-bag or even use it as a table. Source: Tamar Nahir Yanai

Geometric zoo

LukationD / DaWanda Using the animal models of Dawanda, personalize your cushions and towels or create artistic pieces for your walls. Source: DaWanda

Flowery cushion

MaDahms / Etsy Bet on simplicity. To personalize your cushions, embroider a large flower of color. Source: MaDahms

Skull cushion

Laura Gummerman and Sarah Rhodes For a very "Dia de los muertos" decoration, transform an old black wool sweater into an embroidered cushion. Source: A Beautiful Mess

To be able to neatly peck

Les Petits Coeurs de Marie Personalize your plain placemats with this pretty bird motif that pecks. Source: Little Hearts

Leather and embroidery

The Crafted Sparrow Cut out a geometric buffalo motif from a piece of imitation leather. Using a thread and a needle, then simply sew it on a cushion. Source: The Crafted Sparrow

A bag for comforter

Fikou Mikou This is a nice idea to never lose your child's favorite plush again. In a pretty fabric, sew a comforter bag that you can hang on the bars of his bed. With a matching thread, embroider his name (or that of the comforter). Source: Fikou Mikou

Embroidered fabrics

In my hiding place The geometric animal is definitely on the embroidery trend. Embroider the animal motifs of your choice on white frames. Source: In my hiding place

Bright idea

La Petite Cabane de Mavada Make small cushions in the shape of light bulbs that you will then embroider. These pretty bulbs hang on the walls of children's rooms for a nice DIY decor. Source: La Petite Cabane de Mavada

Every day his cloth

Piece and Quilt Create a week of tea towels by embroidering them on weekdays. Source: Piece and Quilt

Say yes in embroidery!

Lindsay Hoss photography Romantics will appreciate this important phrase embroidered on occasion! A great way to say yes and show it! Source: Merri weather council

Cartoon on cushion

Believeninspire You are now an embroidery ace. Use the designs of your choice to personalize, by phone and needle, cushions and other textiles. Source: Sew Some Stuff

Embroidered towel

The Cottage Mama Use embroidery to personalize your linens. Here, this beach towel is flocked using an embroidery machine. Source: The Cottage Mama

Children's drawings

Buzzmills Use your children's drawings to decorate your linens. Source: Buzzmills

Each his towel

Jen Carreiro / Something Turquoise So that there is never any misunderstanding in the bathroom, embroider the name of each member of your family on their towel. Source: Something Turquoise

For the pros

Danielle Clough Take inspiration from Danielle Clough's superb work and personalize any item in your home with embroidery! Source: Danielle Clough


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