Invisible kitchens: when the kitchen plays hide and seek

Invisible kitchens: when the kitchen plays hide and seek

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While some like to live in the kitchen, others prefer that this space be hidden in an open living room. And that's good, more and more architects and kitchen designers are launching into so-called invisible models. In other words, the storage and appliances are completely hidden. Here are the closed kitchens that we have identified to inspire you.

An ultra design kitchen

Patricia Urquiola x Boffi If this piece has very contemporary looks, it is because it was designed by the Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola with the Italian brand Boffi. The kitchen has a light and refined structure, which blends in with the decor of a living room. No element is apparent and only the tap and the hood remind us that we are in a kitchen.

A modular kitchen

Estelle Griffe In this small apartment of 10 square meters, the architect Estelle Griffe has created a small practical and functional kitchen, which disappears once the doors of the cupboard in which it is closed. It is therefore only used when necessary and prevents unpleasant odors from reaching the living room!

A kitchen hidden behind a wall

i29 interior architect It's not only in small spaces that the kitchen plays hide and seek. The proof, in this large house, walls contain all the equipment necessary for cooking. These are hidden in the wall when they open to facilitate circulation in the room.

The camouflage look

Bulthaup We wouldn't necessarily notice it at first glance, but we are facing American cuisine. The roller shutters hide the storage elements and the various utensils so much that you would think you were in front of wallpaper!

A trompe-l'oeil cuisine

Dréan Design / Didier Hervy In this apartment, the kitchen and the dining room are located in the same space. This is why, the kitchen part is hidden thanks to clever storage in white lacquer, which keep large appliances out of sight.

Look for the kitchen!

Dada The Vela model, designed by Dante Bonucelli for the Dada brand, is a little gem of design. When closed in this way, it optimizes and frees up the space to make it a real living room that can be enjoyed with the family, away from the dangers of the kitchen.

Opt for a mini kitchen

Kitchoo Face A: the chest of drawers and its cupboards without handles serve as a surface for working or placing various objects. Side B: the wooden worktop turns into a splash guard and reveals a sink and a worktop. But that's not all ! The model also contains a hob and a recycling bin. Count all the same 5505 euros for the whole.

A Japanese piece

Armani / Dada The Slide and Checkers kitchen was born out of the collaboration between two renowned brands: Armani and Dada. The result is an elegant wooden model, with a Zen spirit, of which only the central island and the worktop suggest that we are indeed in a kitchen.

A kitchen hidden in a cupboard

Wall Fables The architects of Wall Fables had the good idea to conceal a small kitchen behind these two cupboard doors. This allows better circulation in a small space in addition to being an undeniable saving of space.