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10 kitchens with an unexpected design

10 kitchens with an unexpected design

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Is your kitchen gray and you dream of new colors, shapes and materials? It may be time to consider revising the decoration of this space. Rustic chic, industrial or futuristic style, kitchen located in a corridor or open to the outside space ... fill up on decor ideas for a practical, aesthetic and functional kitchen that throws it. !

Rustic cuisine

Nick guttridge

How to combine modern and rustic styles without false note? You just have to reuse the old materials such as stone walls or wooden beams while making sure to keep a certain sobriety in the choice of colors for its decorative elements. The proof in pictures! Source: Nick guttridge

Sculptural element


Your kitchen is open to the living room and you are looking for a friendly solution that allows you to cook with others? How about doing in originality by opting for a multifunctional block like this sculptural monolith, suitable for sublimating the room. We love it! Source: If it ship it's here

In black and white

Weronika Trojanowska

Black for elegance, white for simplicity and gray for the chic side… this is the successful cocktail of this designer kitchen without any false notes. The room's charming asset: its playful wall covering "milk jugs". Source: CR decoration

A graphic kitchen

Mel yates

Predominance of cement tiles and stainless steel, geometric shapes and clean lines ... This extraordinary kitchen has something to seduce! The charm of the room: this omnipresent tiling with floral patterns, which brings character and volume to the room and creates a playful visual effect in the room. Source: ARRC Studio

Futuristic cuisine


Do you dream of a kitchen that incorporates the latest technological innovations? Let yourself be charmed by the soft, sensual lines and a bit provocative of this pretty two-tone kitchen with futuristic design. Source: Archiproducts

When Mondrian inspires cooking

Emma Cross

So that the kitchen becomes a real space dedicated to good humor, we take inspiration from the abstract paintings of Piet Mondrian, where geometry and color combine in harmony. Source: Green interior awards

A kitchen connected to its outdoor environment

Varenna Poliform

The charm of this minimalist kitchen with clean lines? Its oversized bay which allows to play with light and volumes and which reinforces the natural atmosphere of the room. Source: Archiproducts

Country-style cuisine

Armelle Habib

With its wooden furniture and decorative accessories, its authentic materials and its vintage decoration, this pretty kitchen sprinkles its country style and that's what we like. Source: Nat et nature

Located in the corridor

Demont Reynaud / PPil Agency

Install your kitchen in your hallway: this is a smart idea for those who want to save space and optimize this often narrow space. See rather! Source: Agence Demont Reynaud / PPil