The most beautiful guest rooms spotted on Pinterest

The most beautiful guest rooms spotted on Pinterest

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Need ideas for a nice, decorative and original guest bedroom? The editorial team has identified 10 rooms with a very strong and trendy decor bias. Tropical, romantic, industrial atmosphere, boho chic ... You are spoiled for choice! Discovery in pictures.

Better than at the hotel

The Design Daredevil Would you like a guest room worthy of a private mansion? Here is a rare pearl in Rococo style. A majestic black lacquer on the wall and a four-poster bed sits in the center of the room. And there is no shortage of accessories! Between a chandelier with a sun effect, a fake Haussmannian fireplace, a Chesterfield or even a zebra safari-style rug, you will never know where to go! Source: Decoholic

A boho chic decor

Jane Aldrige We love this bohemian chic bedroom. Do you want to take your guests to the other side of the world? Take them to South America with incredible colors printed on Peruvian patterned bed linen. As decoration, the porcelain vases give the "la" in orange red hues. For storage, the alcoves provide a terribly gypset warm side. And to enhance your walls, a painting in the colors of Andalusia. Source: My Domaine

Romanticism in the air

Jeroen van der Spek The editor has found you a little corner of paradise. If your guests are in a couple, nothing better than a beautiful romantic bedroom! The idea? Dress the bed with a curtain for an intimate bubble and decorate the walls with a light garland and a star. Your friends will appreciate the calm and serenity that emanate from it. A decor that is certainly simple and refined, but whose soft and airy materials seem to transport you to seventh heaven! Source: Vtowen

A New York palace

Sergey Makhno Have you always dreamed of a large designer and contemporary guest bedroom, faithful to the current US series? The editorial team has set its sights on this large red brick wall that looks like an industrial loft and its futuristic pendant lights. To warm up the space and dress the floor, the essential long pile carpet is required. The must ? Dark wood parquet which contrasts with the brightness of the XXL windows and overlooks the terrace. Source: Affalante

A touch of exoticism

Ronald Zijlstra Do your guests need adventure and enjoy playing Robinson Crusoe? This guest room is full of good ideas, it's up to you to get inspired! The centerpiece: this beautiful tropical Cole and Son wallpaper, in different shades of green, which takes you into the heart of the jungle. To harmonize everything, the heathered wooden bedside table offers a small cabinet of curiosities and a little greenery, always in an exotic spirit. The icing on the cake, a deer head is hung on the wall, for a room more real than life! Source: Lili in wonderland

Forward moussaillon

Cathy Scott / Castorama If your guests complain about the city and its tall buildings, a room by the sea will be ideal to welcome them. Dock your luggage and let yourself be transported! Natural materials such as driftwood or old wood are essential. On the floor on parquet or decorative objects such as a trunk, a headboard or a bench to put your belongings. Obviously, blue and white are in the spotlight in order to respect the color codes of the striped shirt. Hurry, the holidays are close at hand! Source: My deco Lab

British touch

Gray Crawford If you want to make a beautiful guest room with the air of an English manor and offer them a good cup of tea, it's here! British atmosphere thanks to the lantern suspensions which recall the atmosphere of Hogwarts in Harry Potter. If "the customer is king", so are your guests. They will notice it with little attentions like a bouquet of flowers or a comfortable sofa available to rest. And finally, a carpet with princely patterns will bring a little royal touch to the whole. Source: Home bunch

At the top of the mountain

Audrey Hall Notice to mountain lovers this guest room is made for you! All dressed in wood, this is the perfect place to spend the warm winter, bundled up at the bottom of the canopy bed. At nightfall, the curtain covers the bed which then becomes a cocoon spared from the cold. An authentic atmosphere created by pretty decorative details: the velvet sofa, the trunk as a coffee table and the gray plaid at the foot of the bed. Source: Audrey Hall

A country chic room

Maison du monde Do you live in a pretty house in the countryside? Here you will find decorating ideas to spruce up your guest room. Sublimated by liberty wallpaper and a touch of red color, the wall brings warmth and cheerfulness. Exposed beams and a beautiful old parquet floor give character to the room. Heathered bedside tables, matching the headboard, offer a touch of old France. And for harsh winters, a small plaid at the foot of the bed will delight your guests. Source: Bout de chambre