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Unusual: Funny portraits

Unusual: Funny portraits

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Decoration has always had the habit of staging portraits. From the portrait of the king to the family portrait, this tradition has continued over the centuries. And today, decoration has decided to dust off the codes of portraiture by diverting them to offer original decorative objects. Zoom on the new portraits to adopt.

The portrait becomes loose

Direct Design Some designers go further and offer squarely sculpted heads to use as a coffee table or pedestal table. The aperitif in the living room will then count an additional guest.

The table set version portraits

Josseaume And if we desecrate the famous portrait that settles on the walls of family houses? We then opt for a portrait table set version which features funny faces inspired by the theater of No.

The animal portrait

Cocobohème The trend puts animals on the front of the stage to such an extent that the dog heads replace those of the men in their shirts with hangers that draw their portrait.

The traditional portrait or almost

Ibride If you are tempted by the animal trend, you can also bet on an almost traditional portrait. A lady bird then adorns herself with her most beautiful dress to pose like an aristocrat.

The portrait everywhere

IDzif And the animal portrait can find its place in the whole house! Even on the switch using a sticker that turns your switch into a dog's head. Be careful not to put your finger in his eye when you want to turn on the light.

The medallion portrait

Let Lucie Faire To make fun of the medallion portraits that staged the pretty young girls, the creator of Let Lucie Faire replaced the angelic faces with a charming monkey to remind us that man remains a monkey.

The portrait of the queen

Domestic If you want to stay in portrait codes, treat yourself to a very royal cushion that is adorned with the portrait of the Queen of England. But to dust off all this, the queen's face is all pixelated!

The portrait of a royal couple

Po! Paris If you want to stay in the royal family, Charles and Diana also find their place on canvas-style cushions for a rather kitsch granny decor or when the portrait is shifted.

The contemporary portrait

Ferm Living And because the portrait is very trendy, it can even be installed on the tea towels to accompany you in household tasks. We then put on a contemporary portrait which could really be a painting of the living room.