The latest Dulux Valentine colors in pictures

The latest Dulux Valentine colors in pictures

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For 2013, Dulux Valentine unveils its trend book with a selection of highly decorative colors! On the program: a range of deep blues, soft pastels, brighter shades and intense colors to find the shade that will reveal your interior and its decoration. All to discover in pictures!

Pastel trend

Dulux Valentine The pastel trend plaguing this spring doesn't stop with fashion! It enters the house as well by the accessories as by the color of the walls to bring freshness and femininity to your rooms. In this room, Rosebud, Eggshell and Lemon Sorbet blend perfectly for a soft pastel bedroom.

Color block

Dulux Valentine And if you like more vivid colors, Dulux Valentine also thinks of you with bright shades that settle in the house in a color block way! The color Braise then confronts the purple of the Bali shade and the two soften using the colors Fantaisie parma and Ciel de parma.


Dulux Valentine To energize your interior, the brand offers you to bet on strong associations! In Gray Concrete, we add sections of wall colored in Apricot Milk and Spring Yellow for a room full of energy.

Shades of black

Dulux Valentine Because this season black is ultra trendy, it is available on the walls with a palette made of silent colors, plays of light and shadow. For example, we put on a black pepper which is highlighted in a lighter, almost gray tone, with the lava stone shade.

Duo of colors

Dulux Valentine To structure the space and highlight it, you have to bet on a duo of colors in the same tones! This room which opens onto the corridor and its staircase is highlighted thanks to a woody Sental, darker than the Cherry blossom which settles in the background.

Set the scene

Dulux Valentine To stage the decoration, we use strong colors which highlight lighter colors like in this room where the jade green of the walls is nourished by the colors Felt and High tide of the low wall.

A color to wake up

Dulux Valentine To awaken walls with natural colors like Storm Gray and Pebble, you can apply a dynamic color to one of the walls like this Good Mine Rose which gives a sassy side to the whole decoration.

Two colors plus one

Dulux Valentine Likewise, for a tonic decoration, we choose two shades of close colors such as a Good Mine Rose and a Rosebud and we introduce a third color which will avoid the total look and create a more original style.

Total natural look

Dulux Valentine Finally, in 2013, natural colors are still a sure bet! We are inspired by vegetable dyes while remaining in a soft authentic shades as with this duo Hazelnut cream and Sand grain.


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