Gardens, Garden: the editorial staff's favorites

Gardens, Garden: the editorial staff's favorites

Like every year, the essential Jardins, Jardin presents the best of the creations of landscapers and gardeners to the general public. For its 13th edition, the show promises great achievements around 13 ephemeral gardens, 20 terraces and balconies, but also DIY conferences and workshops. The theme of the year? "Urban landscapes at the heart of future solutions". A decorative AND ecological desire for future gardens. Was there and shares with you his 10 favorites in pictures!

Japanese garden

Aurélie Corvisy Want to transform your terrace into a Japanese garden? Follow Sandrine Milic's advice for a staging that requires little maintenance and does not produce pollen. No need to cross the globe, only a few typical plants will do the trick: Fargesia bamboo, cedar, camellia, rhododendron and azalea.

A cozy terrace garden

Aurélie Corvisy Take inspiration from the living spaces created by Jardiland to transform your balcony into a pretty summer terrace. Here, it is not the dimensions but the decorative elements that count: wicker chairs, resin table, wall of pallets filled with plants ... it's up to you!

DIY objects for the garden

Aurélie Corvisy Jardiland also offers DIY workshops to create your own decorative items, such as these kokedamas. Quèsaco? It is an entirely vegetable garden decoration, made of a coconut pot and suspended with a hemp rope. And for those in a hurry, the pot and the suspension are also available in Jardiland stores.

A hanging garden

Aurélie Corvisy Do you dream of a hanging garden but don't know how to do it? Sarah Vu offers these decorative suspensions for those who have neither balcony nor garden. Two hooks on the ceiling, a curtain rod and varnished pots (or terracotta) are enough. Perforations under each pot allow watering perennials and herbs with vertical rain. At the bottom, a ceramic plate collects the overflowing water. To hang them, Sara Vu created copper frames, preventing plants from diseases.

A green wall

Aurélie Corvisy Behind this flowering wall hides a concept of vertical vegetation patented by CityMur. A simple grid containing hydrophilic felt and substrate allows plants to grow in abundance, even in urban areas. All sizes and heights are possible, for a grandiose effect or simply a puzzle.

Removable pots

Aurélie Corvisy Focus on "wood in stock", created by architecture students from ESAM Design School. This mobile designed in poplar slat folds with the wind and contains an insect hotel and a bird niche. The editorial team retains the removable pots that allow to take the shape and size you want. To discover in the project village, a new space created this year which puts innovation in the spotlight.

When steel becomes romantic

Aurélie Corvisy Here is a pretty tripod cabin serving as an island of freshness. Made of debarked wicker and varnished rusty steel, it adapts even to small terraces, from 3 to 50m². Its steel structure is only maintained by the weight of the flower boxes. Clever!

The cabin at the bottom of the garden

Aurélie Corvisy Jules Levasseur, winner of the Innovation competition (design price) offers her "vegetable madness", a micro architecture designed as a friendly shelter created with linen and hemp tile. A new way of designing and planning the spaces and cities of tomorrow.

The rose of courage

Aurélie Corvisy Last but not least, Truffaut and its "rose mist", a tribute to people with cancer and to "Everyone has their Everest", the association that defends them, created by Christine Janin (doctor of medicine and mountaineer). This incredible rose bush is a hymn to life and courage, springing from the ground and drawing its strength from the outdoors. Gardens, Garden From June 2 to 5 Jardin des Tuileries 113 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris