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The four elements inspire AM.PM's fall-winter 2016 collection

The four elements inspire AM.PM's fall-winter 2016 collection

For its fall-winter 2016 collection, AM.PM was inspired by the four elements of fire, earth, air and water. We thus discover universes that are both different and complementary. gives you his favorites directly from L'Atelier Richelieu in Paris where the presentation is being held today.

The tribal foundations

Amélie Cochet Still on the theme of fire, we find the tribal influence in the black and white Franck armchair. A unique and singular piece that immediately takes you to distant lands. * Franck armchair: € 499 * * Tribal carpet: from € 229 * * Barra floor lamp: € 199 *

Earth as inspiration

Amélie Cochet The "Earth focus" of this next AM.PM collection highlights the ocher and brown colors. Here, the Celchar camel leather armchair you only want to try! * Chelchar armchair: € 699 Barra floor lamp: € 199 Irwin carpet: from € 249 *

Color shade

Amélie Cochet Still in the "Terre" range, this pretty Anya console could very well be, with a little imagination, a shadow cast on the wall. * Anya console: € 299 *

Mahaut: a range of marble and brass

Amélie Cochet New thin and mobile consoles welcome the pretty mismatched dishes. A nice duo that this black marble accompanies with brass. * Mahaut harness: € 389 Nevel plate: from € 35 *

Focus Air, for a mild winter

Amélie Cochet A contemporary vintage style for this "Focus Air" by AM.PM. There are soft colors such as this pretty purple which comes to dress the Aristotle armchair and its foot stool (footstool in English). * Aristotle armchair and foot stool: € 699 *

A bed for the day

Amélie Cochet The Heraclite day-bed (€ 1,290) invites you to lounge in the lounge. The tribal touch invites itself to the detour of cushions with mismatched patterns and colors and a beautiful carpet where red and white share the limelight. * Vitto carpet: from € 169 *

The "Water Focus" and its Scandinavian influences

Amélie Cochet The "Focus eau" with Scandinavian influences is dressed in shades of gray and blue. Here, the "soft and translucent" gray of the sheet set is reminiscent of winter dawn and its mist. * Boudida duvet cover: from € 99 *

For kids

Amélie Cochet AM.PM does not forget the youngest for this new fall-winter 2016 collection! A pretty rattan bed dresses, just for them, with gray and blue sheets.

Head in the clouds

Amélie Cochet Nice aerial detail, these suspensions seem straight out of a cloudy autumn sky.