Easter and its egg cups

Easter and its egg cups

The Easter euphoria will arrive earlier than expected this year. Fixed for March 31, the most chocolate day of spring has already begun to lay eggs. At the same time, we have started to spot very pretty egg cups where to present them and where to taste them ... Our Best Of.

Playful egg cup

The Collection Truly adorable, this egg-shaped castle. Accompanied by a sandwich holder, it literally makes us melt!

Fun egg cups

La Redoute "What came first, the chicken or the egg?". Spread over 4 egg cups, this sentence, which, literally translated, means: "who came first: the chick or the egg?", Infuses a little dose of humor at Easter lunch. As a bonus: we love the small and discreet font!

Cute egg cup

Delamaison Sporting the black & white coat, this egg cup, accompanied by his salt-sidekick "eggs", sees Easter from a chic and design angle.

Romantic egg cup

Delamaison Mesdames, mesdemoiselles, here is an egg cup just for you! Pale pink color and porcelain bell: it celebrates Easter with a certain romanticism and a chic and girly label highly appreciated.

Unusual egg cup

Fleux Easter version of curiosity cabinet, farmyard or countryside revisited? And why not ? With egg cups in the shape of crow's feet, the lunch is under the sign of originality to leave no guest indifferent.

Chilly egg cup

Le Grand Comptoir The style of this egg cup is in its knitted hat! A hat that incubates the eggs to make them incredibly crisp. To celebrate Easter offbeat version, we love it!

Conceptual egg cup

Fairsens New design for the egg cup. Widened to a wooden board, it is satisfied with a simple hollow to accommodate our eggs. The rest of the space is intended for placing pieces of bread and toast! Clean and ingenious.

Retro egg cup

Delamaison Easter chic country version? This is what this blue porcelain egg cup seems to evoke, the polka dots reveal a very retro style.

Healthy Egg Cups

Culinarion Reserved for children, these egg cups in the shape of smiling characters create a playful atmosphere at the table!