The new "Espaces à vivre" collection from Mobalpa

The new "Espaces à vivre" collection from Mobalpa

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For this new collection, Mobalpa explores the concept of living kitchen by proposing new creative solutions to bring comfort, pleasure and serenity when using the kitchen. The brand thus offers 8 new models and no less than 71 new facades of which we invite you to discover a beautiful sample.

Kitchens for small spaces

Mobalpa Aware of the lack of space faced by many owners, Mobalpa offers functional kitchens that adapt to all spaces like this model in a 6m2 room optimized in every corner.

The Niobe slate porcelain kitchen

Mobalpa Among the brand new aesthetic palette, Mobalpa offers a kitchen with fluid and harmonious lines with a mineral design in order to offer a feeling of serenity which anchors the kitchen in the room.

Gaïa's curved duck blue cuisine

Mobalpa This kitchen is the perfect example of the presence of the curve in the new Mobalpa kitchens! Indeed, the sign rounds the corners with an island ending in semicircles. The circulation is more fluid and the look very aesthetic, especially in duck blue and walnut finish.

The Tallys glossy black lacquered kitchen

Mobalpa This kitchen blends completely into the living room and occupies a central place to become the heart of the house in a very natural way in the living room and the dining room. Thanks to lockers and sliding doors it meets all needs.

The Mélia white matt varnished oak kitchen

Mobalpa Design and bright, this kitchen is dressed in white and wood and alternates straight and curved for a balanced and harmonious mixture. Functional, it can be installed to take meals and then fits into the living space of the room.

The Mélia basalt and ash kitchen

Mobalpa Here, the kitchen also fits perfectly into the living space by offering open spaces on the living room and a dining table that takes place in both the kitchen and the living room. In terms of decoration, the mix of wood and taupe gray is very trendy.

Niobe cuisine

Mobalpa For a design look, we turn to the Niobé kitchen and its slate porcelain fronts without handles. Its mineral inspiration gives it character and the black finish gives it elegance for a resolutely contemporary spirit open to nature.

The Astrée solid wood kitchen

Mobalpa This kitchen with solid wood facades gives pride of place to raw and natural materials in order to settle into the current trend. It is the ideal kitchen of a loft spirit thanks to its location which offers a beautiful opening on the entire room.

The Hestia wood and ceramic kitchen

Mobalpa In this kitchen, it is the noble and natural materials that are in the spotlight for a decor that is both trendy and timeless! Functional, it offers plenty of storage space and good ergonomics.