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10 ideas to decorate the walls of your bathroom

10 ideas to decorate the walls of your bathroom

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Whether small or large, the bathroom regularly comes out on top in the house's favorite rooms. Because it is not necessarily easy to decorate it, the good idea is to start with its walls. Giving style to the walls makes it possible to create a cozy and elegant oasis without losing a single place. Here are 10 ideas for bathroom walls that are not lacking in panache.

A wall of mirrors

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco Multiply the mirrors above your sink for a very original decorative effect. Another advantage: the glass will give the impression that your bathroom has gained in surface. ** The good idea **: use mottled mirrors of different sizes.

A spring shelf

Thistlewwood farms The shelf is the most simple and functional method to dress your walls. Why not take the opportunity to give a rustic style to your bathroom, by sliding it into glass jars or mottled zinc pots, a few fresh flowers?

A bamboo ladder

Tikamoon Zen material par excellence, bamboo is ideal in a bathroom with a refined style. We love it as a towel ladder, which decorates the wall without weighing it down.

Loft style letters

Leroy Merlin Letters, available in all colors and with all possible materials, are precious assets for decorating a somewhat sad wall. Guaranteed industrial effect (and trend).

Pop coat hooks

Ikea Coat hooks and other coat racks remain essential in the bathroom. They combine the useful with the aesthetic. We choose them in bright color to energize the decor.

In frieze in cement tiles

Castorama Nobody can ignore it, the cement tiles are making a comeback on the floor as on the walls. So why not take ownership of the trend and make a mosaic frieze. An aesthetic adornment and easy to maintain for your showers and sinks.

A reading corner

Smith and Vansant architect A wall decoration reserved for lovers of reading in the bath. The library in the bathroom is a daring idea but which will transform the room into a cozy and elegant place.


Maisons du Monde This material is as elegant as it is ecological since it comes from the rejection of waves and it has the wind in its sails. It gives your bathroom a unique natural recuperation style.

A gallery wall

Kate Walker Design The frame wall is the big trend this year. The bathroom gives in too. You can either opt for a rectilinear and well aligned arrangement, or for frames of different sizes installed randomly.