Trendy stairs to access the mezzanine

Trendy stairs to access the mezzanine

If you want to treat yourself to a mezzanine in order to increase the space in your interior, you will have to think about equipping yourself with a staircase. But in order not to spoil the potential of the mezzanine, you will have to opt for a model that takes up little space and will be aesthetic in your interior! Here is our selection.

A futuristic staircase

Lapeyre To make your staircase a real decorative asset, you can bet on a futuristic model that combines metal with smoked glass. Very graphic and light in appearance, it does not visually clutter the room but becomes the centerpiece. It has the advantage of allowing free circulation all around.

A Zen staircase

Lapeyre If you want your staircase to adapt to the Zen accents of your interior, you will bet on a staircase combining metal for the structure and wood for the steps which seem to be balanced on the structure for a very decorative style.

A loft-style staircase

Lapeyre To install a mezzanine in a loft, opt for a staircase that fits in with the codes of style with a structure mixing wood and metal in an industrial look. Your staircase then goes perfectly with a brick wall and metal furniture.

A chic and contemporary staircase

Point P In a contemporary interior, we will focus on a staircase with clean lines in trendy tones like gray. It is installed against a wall in order to dress it very graphically while taking up little space.

A sculpture staircase

Point P So that your staircase is the centerpiece of your interior, we put on a spiral staircase that we will place in the room, ensuring that it adapts to the decor. For a spirit that is both design and warm, we put on clean lines in a wood finish for a Scandinavian spirit.

A wooden staircase

Leroy Merlin For a modern style, you can choose a very simple wooden staircase which revisits the principle of the scale while being simplified as much as possible. It is placed against a wall and can also accommodate storage space under the stairs.

A white staircase

Castorama In a contemporary interior, we can also make the staircase look discreet by choosing the same color as the floor and the walls. So, by choosing a white staircase, it almost disappears from view to lighten the room.

A construction staircase

Castorama For an industrial atmosphere, we can also opt for a staircase made entirely of metal that recalls the stairs of the emergency exits of buildings. The metal is then very raw and has non-slip holes.