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I want an old-fashioned bathtub

I want an old-fashioned bathtub

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Their lion-footed silhouette, their voluminous piping and their way of presiding over the bathroom naturally made all the charm of old-fashioned bathtubs. Even today, we can't resist it. Better still, we want one at all costs. And that is pretty good, since they are available endlessly…


Leroy Merlin ### Enthroned in the center of a bathroom under the eaves, this old-fashioned bathtub paneled in its outline and lined with retro tiled floors, invites you on a journey through time that is resolutely relaxing.


Cedeo ### Because it waddles against a pale pink background, this lion's feet bathtub gives us a very feminine image of the bathroom. A choice that we quickly validated ...


Ikéa ### Located in the middle of its centerpiece, this black lion's feet bathtub perfectly combines retro style and strength of character. If the atmosphere is country, one can imagine that it would also suit a masculine atmosphere!

Louis XVI

Herbeau ### In the saga of retro baths, we chose the most prestigious. Copper and gold color, boat design and size to say the least bulky, it could have been that of the sun king. Royal right?

Curiosity cabinet

Leroy Merlin ### Combining retro style and cabinet of curiosity, this is the bias of this bathroom. Its strong elements: butterfly wallpaper on the wall, crazy pictures and objects accumulated above the water point ... and an old-fashioned bathtub completing this timeless journey!


Leroy Merlin ### Leaning against a wall made up of black mosaics, the lion's feet bathtub plays its most precious cheek! Or the art of mixing chic with old.


Herbeau ### Small yellow chick for this old-fashioned bathtub which, in addition to the design of yesteryear, has retained the trendy color code of the time. Authenticity first!

Retro / design

Delpha ### A period style bathtub in a contemporary bathroom, it's possible! The proof with this model located in the middle of a room where, from the tiles to the wallpaper, the inspiration is retro, but the chic atmosphere prevails. Or how to revisit the lion paw style, back to the future version!


Leroy Merlin ### Immersed in a white and black decor mixing small and large tiles, this retro bathtub lends itself to a very graphic game, both present in the bathrooms of the time and in those of today. hui.