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A weekend in Monaco

A weekend in Monaco

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The long-awaited princess wedding day has arrived. Today in Monaco, Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlène Wittstock will promise each other an eternal love, the opportunity to take a closer look at one of the most prestigious places in Europe. Here are 5 essentials if you are passing through a weekend in the principality of Monaco.

Luxury and well-being in the spotlight

Direction of tourism of the Principality of Monaco ### Passing through the Monegasque principality between sea and mountains where luxury and exceptional surroundings are one, nothing like offering yourself a relaxing break facing the Mediterranean. The landscape is sublime, the service too. For a few moments, you feel like a prince, and it's no coincidence ...

Monte Carlo Casino

Direction of tourism of the Principality of Monaco ### In the heart of the city: the casino of Monte Carlo, one of the most prestigious in the world. Between the great diversity of table games it offers and its fascinating architecture, from the outside but also from the inside, it is impossible not to enter it, if only to admire the sumptuous decor of its numerous rooms, from the Atrium to the Renaissance salon, passing by the Empire gallery.

A walk of choice

Department of tourism of the Principality of Monaco ### Monaco: the principality, its casino, its luxury, the sea, the mountains and its gardens. Located not far from the exotic garden of Monaco, a true botanical paradise where gracefully a wide variety of plants from distant lands (Latin America, South and East Africa) intermingle, this walk offers us on one side a green setting perfectly maintained and on the other, an exceptional view of the Mediterranean. Not to miss.

Monaco Opera

Direction of tourism of the Principality of Monaco ### If the princes have always maintained court music, the opera was above all built to distract the players staying in the principality. This room, inaugurated in 1866, has since been renovated and embellished: its elegance perfectly reflects the prestige that visitors come to seek in Monaco.