10 vegetable gardens seen by Botanic

10 vegetable gardens seen by Botanic

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Today, doing your vegetable garden to reconnect with nature and eat your own crops are real desires that you see being born whether you live in town or in the countryside. So that everyone can create their own vegetable garden no matter where they live, Botanic puts forward solutions for smart gardens.

A vegetable garden

Botanic To grow a few vegetables like growing flowers on a balcony or terrace, you can opt for a rectangular vegetable bin that looks like a large planter. 39.95 euros

A square vegetable patch

Botanic If you prefer to create spaces for the vegetable patch in your garden, you can choose a square vegetable patch whose wood will make it possible to delimit the different spaces and not to let the crop invade the garden. Your exterior is thus structured to offer you a beautiful visual effect. 39 euros

A storied vegetable garden with a trellis

Botanic For a vegetable garden that is both practical and decorative, you can bet on a vegetable garden with three floors for cultivation and a trellis at the bottom that will allow you to climb some plants or fix the stems that require stakes. From 75 euros

A green wall

Botanic If you want to create a vertical vegetable garden, you will find a plant wall to dress. It is actually a large trellis that will accommodate your climbing plants but also to fix flower pots in height. 199 euros

A designer vegetable table

Botanic To create your mini garden, you also have very design solutions available to you! Made of polyurethane, this real sculpture allows you to offer four growing spaces to grow your vegetables. 199 euros

A multifunction table for the vegetable patch

Botanic To carry out your various plantings, why not opt ​​for a multifunction table that will accommodate your different pots and planters for cultivation while offering you a practical work plan. 199 euros

A vegetable patch with trays and trays

Botanic To create your vegetable garden, you can bet on an original sculpture that you will compose according to your needs. You will then put basic structures (81 euros) with boxes 77 euros), half-boxes (59 euros), trays (41 euros) and other accessories that will allow you to create vegetable gardens.

Vegetable squares to compose

Botanic To create an original and practical vegetable garden according to your needs, you can opt for vegetable squares made of rot-resistant beech whose different modules combine to create a vegetable structure. From 58 euros

The vegetable garden to compose

Botanic Finally, be aware that all of these elements can be combined to create a vegetable garden for your different crops.