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When beautiful materials make beautiful curtains

When beautiful materials make beautiful curtains

For curtains to be a real decorative asset, you should not leave the choice of material to chance! Also, it will be the beauty of the textile that will enhance your windows. To enlighten you, we invite you to discover some textiles to offer yourself without hesitation.

Cotton for a classic style

To give a classic style to your windows, cotton will ensure you a beautiful fall and multiple finishes that will dress your windows with elegance. To refine the style, we do not hesitate to add a tassel tie.

Satin contemporary version

Satin is a very pretty material whose reflections will skillfully enhance your decoration. For a contemporary style, we will opt for a metallic gray that satin will accentuate with its very particular texture.

Satin in romantic fashion

If you rather want a romantic atmosphere in a room for example, satin will also be your ally. By choosing a more classic color like white or pink, it will bring femininity and elegance to the room.

Linen and its natural atmosphere

For curtains that adapt to the natural atmosphere of your interior, you can bet on linen and that will bring a fairly raw appearance to the decor. We prefer to choose it in natural colors.

The warmth of velvet

To spend the winter warm, velvet is a favorite material. Heavy and warm, it insulates the window while giving it a certain solemnity. We put on an enveloping natural color that will make the house a real cocoon.

Theater-style velvet

The opulence of the velvet does not fail to bring a very precious aspect to the decoration. By choosing it in a deep red, you can evoke the famous theater curtain and give character to your space.

The contemporary spirit of taffeta

For a modern and dynamic atmosphere, the taffeta will lend itself to all decorative desires. For example, it will offer you beautiful sliced ​​colors while guaranteeing a fairly rigid drop that highlights the window.