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Design ideas for the bedroom in the little ones

Design ideas for the bedroom in the little ones

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If the universe of the children's room is largely dedicated to play, it should not be forgotten that it is also the space where they will sleep. To reconcile the two, we take care of the decor of the bed which will help them more easily want to sleep. We invite you to discover decorating ideas for your little one's bed.

A retro bed

So that the bed is appreciated by your child, do not hesitate to opt for a family model. If you do not have one, why not hunt around with your child for the model of bed in which you slept as a child? Then modernize it all with contemporary bed linen.

A cabin bed

What if the bed was the theater of games of all kinds? So that they can use it throughout the day, we opt for a bed that takes the form of a cabin with high walls on three sides that will create a real cocoon. The child can then have fun customizing the interior with photos.

A reassuring bed

Conversely, if you want the play area and the sleeping area to be well defined, you can play the very decorative card of a bed with high uprights. Very reassuring, this bed will be ideal for a quiet moment. For the even more decorative touch, opt for graphic bed linen.

A bed with decorated bars

To add a decorative touch to a pretty retro-style crib, you can add a garland of very colorful pennants. Do not hesitate to make the latter with your child to bring a playful dimension to the decor.

An original shaped bed

So that the bed fits well in your child's room, do not hesitate to choose it according to its decoration. For example, opt for a bed with a decorative headboard and keep a beautiful harmony of color between the bed and the rest of the bedroom, both by the bed linen and the furniture.

A classic accessorized bed

To make the bed the decorative asset of the room, it is not always necessary to choose strong furniture. In fact, all you need to do is accessorize it with a very graphic patterned bed linen with bold colors.

A romantic bed

For romantic little girls, you can decorate the bed so that it brings the decor accent to the bedroom. Why not opt ​​for a canopy that will transform a simple bed into a real princess bed?

A practical bed

Finally, don't forget that the bed can also be a practical tip! The cot can thus hang accessories or the underside of the bed can also be used to slide boxes with very colorful ones.

A fabric on the wall

To give a bohemian atmosphere to your little girl's room, decorate the wall on which the bed is leaning with a pretty ethnic and colorful fabric. It goes without problem with the bed linen also chosen in shades of pink.

A retro headboard

It is not because your children have to share a room that you should abandon the decorative side. To give the room a retro feel, we suggest you adopt two metal headboards with a vintage look. Nice, right?

A bed covered with cushions

A multitude of different cushions, small cuddly toys, nothing could be simpler to give a unique style to your child's bedroom bed!

Poetic stickers on the headboard

Did your little girl get tired of her headboard? Why not customize it with its help? All you have to do is stick some original stickers on it and there is a headboard that offers a second life.

A dresser as a bedside table

Difficult to find cool decor ideas for baby cribs! We, we thought of an ultra colorful chest of drawers that we install right next to it and on which we place pretty childish posters.

A strip of paint around the wall

To enhance the bed in your child's bedroom, you can also think of painting! A band of color that wisely surrounds it gives it a whole new dimension.

Wooden crates at the end of the bed

After choosing the decor of the bed, also think about the surroundings! We love the idea of ​​this child's room which installed old wine boxes at the end of the bed to make shelves. You just have to drag a few books!

A star cushion

To keep your little blond head's bedroom on top of the trend, consider getting a few star-shaped accessories like this gray linen cushion that you put on the bed.


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