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Decorative takeoff towards New York

Decorative takeoff towards New York

In search of a change of scenery, the editorial staff of took up their quarters across the Atlantic, in the city that never sleeps. Back in our luggage, a few photos of New York interiors, far from the clichés we take.

Sex & the City

### Upholstered headboard, gray and white, imposing armchair and designer touch: this room asserts its New York style, very Sex & the City.

New York decor

### "Club" atmosphere ### With the word "Club" on the indigo blue wall of the kitchen, 4 decorative letters preside over the decor. The "bar" style is planted, and even firmly underlined by a series of glasses exposed on the worktop, while an imposing black Smeg refrigerator reinforces the very American spirit of the room.

New York, I love you

### On the windowsill, Wonder woman, a book on NYC and a Yankees cap reveal the owner's love for the Big Apple.

Mania vinyls

### Queen of cinema, night and art, New York is also queen of music. Every self-respecting New Yorker also has a small record player that allows him to listen to his favorite vinyls. A detail that is almost an integral part of the decor…

Leather forever

### Mythical in American "diners", the red leather armchairs are omnipresent in the city where everything is possible.

Underground bricks

### Beyond the three mirrors highlighting this dilapidated wall, what fascinates us is the brick wall and its underground aspect so characteristic of New York.

Spirit recovered

### Who says flea market and garage sale in Brooklyn, says furniture recovered 'factory spirit. Displaying on each of its lockers, the letters of the alphabet, it proves to us that the New York style can also be authentic.


### Not everyone has the chance to get a panoramic view of Manhattan. This skyline, the entire planet in dream, declining it in 1001 decorative ways: sticker, wallpaper, canvas, objects… We almost forget the design style of the apartment presented on this photo… Discover loft-style inspirations declined from New York style by clicking: here!