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The unusual decor, a breeze!

The unusual decor, a breeze!

Playing cards, mikado, scrabble ... In the family of unusual decorative objects, the dice are thrown on the side of the games that marked our childhood (or our adulthood still very playful). Between nostalgia and playfulness, here is a slideshow that will make you smile!

King of diamonds

Pa Design ### It is at mealtime, in the form of a table set, that the king of diamonds presides over the decor. Obviously, we love it!


Ferm Living ### The mikados go to extra large format to spice up our decor with a slender, childish and original note. Chic then!


Decorative toddlers ### Renewed in excessive decorative storage, legos amaze us and literally make us melt. For a child's room, this is the dream accessory!


Blanc d'Ivoire ### Rather than throwing in the towel, these are the dice that should be thrown in its decor. Chic and subtle, this offbeat note sows a touch of mischief ...


Seven ### Who doesn't remember the yoyos? Those that we swung up and down in the palm of our hand now inspire the design of a stunning table lamp.

Playing cards

Seletti ### Little ones, building cards one on top of the other was almost impossible. Today, offering a chest of drawers whose structure is that of an XXL card game is on the other hand, possible… and so design!


The Collection ### Trompe-l'oeil effect on the wall, the wallpaper plays domino game. A black and white dotted graphic that has enough to give punch at home!