The 10 possibilities of a side table

The 10 possibilities of a side table

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In the house, the decor has to bend to our desires to meet our practical needs. And for that, the side table is the champion! In addition to being ultra practical and having many possibilities, it adds a very decorative touch to our interior. To convince you to adopt it, here are 10 possibilities for using this small piece of furniture.

A side table as a bedside table

Purpose To give a more original and less frozen style to your room, you can replace the traditional bedside table with a side table that you choose according to your taste and the style of your room. Only downside: pay attention to the height of it!

A side table to do everything

Purpose In the teenage bedroom, the side table is the essential ally! In turn table for the bedside lamp, footrest or small table for the computer, it will bend to the high demands of teens while being very decorative.

A side table just for decoration

Leroy Merlin You find that your room is a little empty on the side of the window but do not have much space? Then install a nice side table or even two to put some decorative objects and give a nice volume to your room.

A side table in the bathroom

Leroy Merlin In the bathroom also the side table has proven itself! It accommodates the towels you will need and a tissue box if needed. It completes a very sleek vanity unit.

A side table in a studio

Alinéa In the studio, we do not hesitate to multiply the side tables to meet all practical and decorative needs without taking up too much space. The decor tip: choose similar models but vary the color for an effect at the top.

Side tables for a single table

Fly To give an original look to the living room, we choose several side tables that we will combine to create a single living room table. The good news is that you can always separate them if there is a more specific need.

A side table at the end of the bed

Fly Do you want a bed that will allow you to settle down to take off your shoes or to think about your outfit for the day without having enough space? Simply opt for a side table that will allow you to lean on and put down a few accessories.

A side table for serving

Ikea For the side table to follow you from the kitchen to the living room for all your activities during the day, we choose a model on casters which will be very practical in serving mode.

A side table as a seat

AM.PM And yes, if the side table is strong enough like this block of wood, it can also be used as a seat when you lack a chair! Suffice to say that the side table is a real practical chameleon!