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Small kitchens: good ideas to steal at Ikea

Small kitchens: good ideas to steal at Ikea

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The 2016 collection of Ikea kitchens is full of ideas to optimize a small kitchen. has selected for you the brand's tips to give your room a facelift!

Scandinavian cuisine

Ikea To save space in your small kitchen, play on the light with immaculate walls and white chairs. To avoid tone on tone, vary the shades with wood, which goes very well with white, and gives a very trendy Scandinavian look, even to a small kitchen. The trick: add a sideboard where you can display your colorful dishes.

Give pep's to your kitchen!

Ikea To boost your room, take the Fladie kitchen as an example by painting a single wall in a pop color, to bring more light to the kitchen while enlarging the space. To harmonize everything, you can combine decorative objects of the same shade.

High storage space

Ikea To save space, play on the height with ceiling storage. You will be able to store your dishes without reducing the space for cooking. The trick: transparent doors to see where your bowls and plates are stored and which contribute to the feeling of space.

Save space with a credenza bar

Ikea It is the essential accessory to have in a small kitchen. No more utensils that you can't find and overflowing drawers! As in the Filipstad kitchen, hang the most commonly used items on hooks, placed on a credenza bar, which you will place above or next to your sink. The little extra decoration? Flower pots for storing small items.

An open kitchen with dogs

Ikea Give a little rustic touch to your room by opting for a wooden worktop and / or kitchen elements. This material has the advantage of marrying any color.

Place a central island in your kitchen

Ikea In a small space, it is sometimes difficult to move around when there are several of you cooking. By placing an island in the center of the room, you can better define the surface. Especially since this model has plenty of storage space, which will allow you to have fewer cupboards.

Choose metallic colors

Ikea The metal color is one of the flagship trends in 2016. And that, Ikea looks well understood! Without redoing all the coating of your room, opt for this pink and golden splashback, which gives a crazy charm and dresses your small kitchen. The horizontal lines give depth to the room, for an enlarged effect.

A functional dining area

Ikea Do you want to save space in your kitchen? Optimize your room by installing a dining area (for your breakfast or a snack for your children), which can also serve as a worktop and storage unit.

Coordinate your household linen with the decor

Ikea In the Hittarp kitchen, we adopt the household linen to match the wall covering. To give style to your small kitchen, it is not enough! Buy only a new apron, tea towels and a tablecloth in the same color as your floor or walls.