The heart motif invites itself into the garden

The heart motif invites itself into the garden

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Do you want to bring a touch of romance into your garden as Valentine's Day approaches? The editorial team invites you to discover its 20 ideas for inviting the heart motif in your green space.


In Wonderland We literally fell in love with this green chair with an original and refined design. An ultra romantic object of desire to get as soon as possible for Valentine's Day! Source: In Wonderland


Karin A - Jonathan Sautter Designed with wire and wooden branches, we love these two poetic and refined creations with a heart motif. Sources: Flickr - Pixabay

To eat!

Good directions Elegant and graphic, this feeder forms a beautiful case for the seeds of our favorite birds. To shop urgently! Source: Good directions

Relaxation area

Vondom Create a joyful and colorful space in your garden with these heart shaped designer garden armchairs. With their original and enveloping shapes, these seats will surely please our children! Source: Archiproducts


Madame cupcake Particularly surprising, this wooden barrier is distinguished by its heart-shaped inlays of absolute softness and great finesse. Source: Madame cupcake


Gray sloe - Noah Katz A motif that we like to find hanging on our doors or our garden chairs. Sources: Gray sloe - Flickr

Charming birdhouse

Lovelie greenie - Jenn Burns Find all the charm of the countryside thanks to a pretty birdhouse presented with a circular flight hole in the shape of a heart or as a decorative element. Simply adorable! Sources: Tumblr - Flickr

Vegetable heart

François Berraldacci Another variation of the pattern on this stone wall where the branches of this tree have been intertwined to form a subtle vegetable heart. Source: Prioress Dorsan


Stephane Alix - Ludovic Godard We particularly like these pretty heart-shaped leaves and their tender green. Spectacular! Sources: Garden breizh - Univ fcomte news

Like a rolling stone

Comida y olas We love this beautiful natural blend, full of beautiful colors. Pure and essential simplicity that suits him perfectly! Source: Comida y olas


Praktic Ideas Made from pebbles, mesh and a heart-shaped structure, this wall decoration will bring a natural and poetic note to your garden. Cute right? Sources: Decor for your home

A heart-shaped crown

Mathieu and Coralie - You have the cards Deliver a message of love to your spouse from the doorstep by installing a pretty plant crown. Sources: Mathieu and Coralie - A Little Market


Madsbg - Doors by Design Inspired and inspiring, these two aisles are all the more eye-catching as they are dressed in pretty heart patterns. An idea that will undoubtedly appeal to the most romantic! Sources: Flick - Doors by Design

Original patterns

Tales from a cottage - Royal landscape contractors The originality of these tiles? Their heart shape which brings an original and creative dimension to this garden. A great way to enhance our green spaces. Sources: Tales from a cottage - Royal landscape contractors

A revisited landscape

Babble A magical atmosphere, a touch of romance emerges from this heart-shaped floral arrangement. Which is not to displease us. Source: Wallace Gardens

Graphic and eco-friendly

El bolicho Our pieces of glass are no longer intended to be thrown in the trash, they can on the contrary be transformed into material of choice for the realization of our slabs. The proof in pictures! Source: El bolicho

A garland in the heart

Extraordinary vegetable garden Is it a good idea to decorate your garden with ease? Make a pretty garland of green leaves in the shape of a heart between two branches. Source: Extraordinary vegetable patch

In red and green

Manon 21 Why not put small red pots of heart-shaped flowers in your garden? A simple and accessible idea even for beginner gardeners. Source: Manon 21

All we need is love

Express paradise Love, love, love seems to tell us about nature ... When plants twist their foliage to give us pretty messages, we love it! Source: Paradis express


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