Recovered atmosphere in the room

Recovered atmosphere in the room

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The trend is to recover and recycle, which has not escaped the attention of the room, which offers furniture made of raw materials to create an original atmosphere in the room. To inspire you, we have found recuperative rooms to help you recreate this spirit at home.

Customized furniture

Maisons du monde To give this room a recycled feel, we have customized old furniture. The dresser takes on patinated colors, the headboard is also customized with a few strokes of paint and the old trunk has an inscription that can be stenciled.

Raw furniture

Maisons du monde To stay in the very natural atmosphere of this room, we put on almost raw furniture with wood with beautiful veining. The furniture then seems to be extensions of the beams of the bedroom.

Planks on the walls

Spoiler To customize your walls with recycled materials, you can nail planks to the wall to give you a chalet style. Do not hesitate to use different boards that you will have recovered.

Industrial furniture

Paragraph To give a recuperated style in the bedroom, you can count on industrial furniture. Opt for furniture that skillfully mixes wood with metal. You will find this type of furniture in decoration signs but you can also acquire it in flea markets.

Original furniture

Paragraph To create a recuperated atmosphere, you can bet on a patchwork of original furniture. We offer a headboard made from different pieces of wood, an Asian-inspired stool and an African storage unit.

Recycled decoration accessories

Olivier Desforges To decorate your room, also bet on recycling. Some designers use, for example, driftwood to create original lamps and use the wood found on beaches. An original and decorative idea.

A raw atmosphere

Ikea To create an original atmosphere, you can opt for walls that you leave raw in order to create an offset with the rest of the room. Do not hesitate to expose your walls to recall abandoned factories.

An original decoration

Ikea To create your decoration, think of diverting the objects. You can use a clothes rack as a plant tutor or use splash bars to hang flowers.

Branches for a canopy bed

Essix Home Collection Invite your garden in the realization of your decoration by having large bare branches of leaves and branches at each foot of the bed. Then dress this composition by placing a light large veil over it that offers a canopy bed effect.

A headboard in cases of wine

Essix Home Collection Collect old cases of wine that you stack together to compose an original homemade headboard. Then decorate the interior with your favorite objects, they will personalize your bed.

Count on aged leather

Maisons du Monde We are used to seeing aged leather in the living room. However, the latter also takes up residence in the bedroom and gives him a more masculine spirit for the occasion.

A few brushstrokes

Maisons du Monde Create a recycled spirit in your bedroom by repainting an old wrought iron bed. A country chic spirit will emerge! The latter will combine very well with white furniture and a canvas mattress fabric.

Skate old furniture

Maisons du Monde Give a new spirit to old furniture by skating it. It could not be easier. First you have to sand your furniture, then you apply your paint thinned beforehand to let the wood glimpse.

A recovered spirit brought back in your suitcases

Maisons du Monde The bedroom can be furnished with furniture and objects recovered from your travels. Here, old wall decorations are repainted in white to give them a more modern look.

It is only for children!

Maisons du Monde Recover an old camping tent and style your child's bed with it. It will become a formidable playground for three francs, six sous!

Divert old boards at the head of the bed

Maisons du Monde Set the tone by recycling old boards that you assemble together to compose a reclaimed headboard. A do-it-yourself challenge that will bring character to your decor, especially if you paint them in different colors.

Steel plates

Olivier Desforges Uncommon, dress your wall with stabilized rusted steel plates that establish a building site side to your decor. Choose a traditional bed linen to contrast styles.


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