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10 good reasons to combine marble and copper

10 good reasons to combine marble and copper

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At the start of 2016, two trends are in the spotlight for the new decorative collections: marble and copper. If each creates a style in its own right, it is when these two materials combine that the result is most successful, the proof in pictures.

Hot and cold

To avoid the sanitized and cold aspect of the total marble look, warm your interior with a touch of copper to give it a contemporary style. The alliance of the brilliance of copper with the matt aspect of marble marks a contrast. Poppytalk Superfront

Metal and raw material in the kitchen

This contrast of materials catches the eye and helps structure the space. The pictures show it: copper reflects light. The volumes are highlighted which gives character to the room. My little home blog Dornbracht

Elegance and minimalism

The softness of the pastel shades goes perfectly with marble and copper. Choose neutral colors like beige, pink or white which will bring out the warm side of copper. Like the table on the right, you can also mix marble with natural materials such as wood for a result of the most beautiful effect! Frenchy fancy

The trend declined in decorative objects: tableware

To decorate your home, some delicate objects are required. The trend is declined in all these forms… Sam Mc Adam Cooper Etsy Minimalist style The cool republic

The trend declined in decorative objects: trays

Pretty trays to dress your table with taste. Our urban box Marthebo

The trend in decorative items: clocks

With its elegant little jewels, you will want to check the time! Cullen Lisa Clock

The trend declined in decorative objects: candles

Candles to create a romantic atmosphere. Candle holder

The trend declined in decorative objects: lighting

Sober, chic and efficient lamps: their design strikes the right balance between marble and copper. It allows you to play with different decorative codes, both graphic and minimalist. Etsy The cool republic

The trend declined in decorative objects: coffee tables

Modern forms, an alliance of marble and copper: these Scandinavian design coffee tables are self-sufficient. No need to make tons of them in your living room! Bloomingville side table Algedi table


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