Fauna and flora as wallpaper

Fauna and flora as wallpaper

For a touch of originality in an interior, nothing like a pretty printed wallpaper. Find inspiration in this selection around the themes of fauna and flora that make us travel to unknown lands.

Feathers or feathered beasts

Ugepa Wall covered with gray feathers or a tropical atmosphere with these pretty parrots? It's up to you to choose from Ugépa creations.

Large colored leaves

Decoprint To boost decoration in very neutral colors, opt for this ultra-colorful wallpaper from Decoprint.

Green and blue prints

Graham & Brown For a very soft decoration, cover your walls with one of these two wallpapers with natural prints tinged with green and blue.

Pink or blue flamingos?

Graham & Brown At Graham & Brown, flamingos are not just pink. Use them both in your bathroom and in a child's bedroom.

Flowers and little birds

Graham & Brown Very chic, these printed wallpapers will add a classic yet original touch to any room in your home.

Green and tropical

Graham & Brown Very British liberty look with small green flowers or jungle look with palm leaves? You choose.

Green shades

Leroy Merlin Leroy Merlin also made in decoration. Opt for this wallpaper printed with twirling leaves for an aerial decoration.

Animal prints

Rasch A blue cow or a turquoise zebra, why not? Dare to be original with the Danish brand Rasch, for a unique and extravagant look.

Light feathers and small flowery tiles

Rasch Still at Rasch, these two wallpapers will each give a very different style to your interior. These pretty gray feathers will give a cocooning effect to a room. Small colorful flowers will bring cheerfulness to any room.