Numbers and letters in the teenage bedroom!

Numbers and letters in the teenage bedroom!

French and math are reputed to be the bane of teens. But the height is that their attraction to new trends leads them very naturally to turn to styles "letters" and "number", both in their dress code and in the decor of their universe. Small selection of furniture and objects around this divinely graphic theme.

Letter A for the library

Maisons du Monde ### We give a triple A rating to this fun library which turns the first letter of the alphabet to excess.

Mix of numbers on the cushion

Goal ### In the lot of these three cushions that boost the whiteness of the bed, we literally fall for the "number" model. On it, the numbers from 1 to 10 have no order of magnitude, and are written as much in number mode as in capital letters. Fun!

Mathematical bed linen

Bed and Philosophy ### We love the mockery put to the test on this bed linen whose mixture of numbers and letters seems to interpret a mathematical equation without tail or head.

Suspensions count

Goal ### Rule of three for these suspensions, both natural - by their linen material -, and hyper graphic - by their numbered patterns.

Storage cubes from 1 to 2

Goal ### To make storage more fun, the solution is to adopt stylized models. Demonstration in image with this binomial of cubes numbered from 1 to 2.

Numbered poufs

Love Creative People ### The big boyfriend of teenagers also adopts the numbered trend. This is at least the strong point of these 5 varying the writing format for 2 times more choice, and graphics!

Decorative ampersand

AM.PM ### This is neither a number nor a letter, and yet we would classify the ampersand well in the range of decorative letters for its archi graphic rendering.

Numbers and words on the carpet

Fly ### It will be numbers AND letters for this resolutely punchy and decidedly youthful rug.