10 tutorials to knit a plaid

10 tutorials to knit a plaid

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When winter comes to an end, the blankets reinvest in our living rooms to bring warmth and comfort to our spaces. So if you too dream of lounging in a good warm blanket, there is still time to take out your balls of yarn, your needles and let yourself be inspired by these 10 models of knitted plaids as practical as decoration.

A colorful plaid with geometric patterns

Purl soho

On Purl Bee, learn how to design your own knitted plaid. Very easy to make, it will bring a touch of color and fantasy to a sober or classic interior. We love ! More info on this DIY: Purl Soho

A heart pattern plaid

Making a life

Fall for this pretty plaid embellished with a pretty heart-shaped pattern. A perfect gift idea for Valentine's Day. So go to your needles… you only have two months left to make it! More info on this DIY: Making a life

A pompom plaid

The living apartment

If you've always dreamed of knitting your own knitting but have trouble holding needles, the following tutorial will change your life. Your mission: add pompoms to your aging plaid. So tempted? More info on this DIY: The living apartment

A multicolored plaid


Needles, balls of different colors and a good dose of patience will be necessary to achieve this little multicolored wonder. Bright and shimmering colors that will bring a touch of originality and good humor to your living room. More info on this DIY: Pickles

A two-tone plaid

The sweeter side of mommy hood

The originality of this pretty plaid: its pink outline. Perfect for bringing a lively and warm touch to our children's room! More info on this DIY: The sweeter side of mommy hood

An openwork plaid


Is your sofa gray? Give it a facelift by launching into the making of this openwork plaid knitted in large stitches but full of subtlety. More info on this DIY: Pinkwhen

Baby blanket

Small friendly

To bundle up baby for the first time or for a cozy winter, make this pretty multicolored blanket. Balls of different colors, a needle, a stitch, a reverse stitch, let's go ... More info on this DIY: Small friendly

A very soft plaid

Little notebooks

Favorite for this vitamin plaid composed of four sides: two in single rib and two with a twist in the middle. To make it, you just need five raspberry pink balls, a No. 8 needle and a round-ended sewing needle. To your needles! More info on this DIY: Little notebooks

A plaid with octagonal patterns


Do you have any secrets for knitting? We challenge you to make this original and graphic plaid designed using black, gray and white wool. Once each octagon is made, all you have to do is assemble them. More info on this DIY: Philigry