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QT hotel breaks 5-star codes

QT hotel breaks 5-star codes

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The QT hotel in Sydney takes the traditional 5 stars away. Housed in the old State Theater and an old supermarket, it is an amazing place in excess of Australia. With its decoration that mixes styles and eras, it offers 200 rooms, a restaurant and a spa. A new address in the landscape of luxury hotels that does not lack character!


** The furniture in the lobby mixes furniture with Fifti lines, design pieces and objects from distant lands. A decoration which immerses the visitor in a universe far from the classic 5 stars. **


** Welcome to an ultra cozy atmosphere! Red velvet rubs against ostrich feather cushions, everything is colored by a multicolored soft carpet. A cozy universe conducive to confidences! **


** Like the rest of the decor, the materials have been carefully chosen: wood, leather, earthenware, felt adorn the restaurant. The result is not lacking in style. **

Chamber of curiosities

** In the spirit of a cabinet of curiosities, unusual objects have interfered in the decor. Bowler hats have been transformed into a lamp, a rabbit is on the lookout on the bedside table ... so many little details to discover that contribute to the decor. **

Brown room

** The decoration of the rooms is very sophisticated and has been thought through to the last detail. Fur plaid, structured carpet, leather poufs ... nothing is left to chance. **

Red room

** The decoration of this room incorporates elements of the old theater: velvet curtains, soft carpet, silky fabrics and the famous red theater. **

Lounge lobby

** The hotel appealed to the most prominent architects and decorators and does not leave visitors indifferent. Successful bet ! It almost feels like in a cartoon setting. A unique decorative signature of its kind. An ideal place to start your stay in Australia. **


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