Dramatizing the garden at Christmas, instructions for use

Dramatizing the garden at Christmas, instructions for use

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Nothing like a dose of fantasy to celebrate the end of the year. So why not transform the garden into a space of expression and creativity? Here are some poetic inspirations or full of fantasy, perfect for this Christmas period!

Fake gifts

### In department store windows, fake gifts may be fictitious, their beautiful packaging makes us dream. To create magic outside on the big Christmas night, here is a scene that we can count on: a few boxes recovered in the kitchen covered with gift paper and crowned with a pretty bow, to put the air of nothing in the entrance ...

A bright bird's nest

### Lyric flight in the garden. If the trees are devoid of nests, nothing prevents us from creating them ourselves, just for the pleasure of the eyes! Dead tree leaves, a little straw and fake birds, all illuminated with a light garland, that's how to perfect the staging…

A cocooning chair

### In homage to Christmas, his winter coat, his white faux fur and his cottony materials, we install in front of the front door, a divinely bundled-up armchair. Sheepskin, plaids and cushion: that's enough to bring a good mood and smile when you get home.

A miniature Christmas village

### Skiers, chalets, snowman: on the front of the garden, you can also plant a real modern day nursery as a nod to winter sports. Everything to impress passersby!

A Christmas Eve table… outside

### If you really want to stand out, you can even dare to set up a Christmas table in the middle of the garden. Golden plates, silver glasses, holly branches and a few candles on the program. On the other hand, do not hope to keep this staging for several days! The 24 will be enough for the risk that the staging will fly away…

A luminous path

### String lights or lanterns: lighting the path from the gate to the front door has never been more appreciated than in December!

A light tent

### The bright animals inhabiting Christmas gardens, too classic for you? And if you took out the tent from last summer to set up an extraordinary setting? Inside, a series of light garlands let the magic intrude… All that remains is to decorate the whole with a play of shadow puzzles to seduce passers-by!

Candles and company

### On the windowsill, it is easy to place a few candles and Christmas balls to duplicate the enchantment outside.