Recycling ideas to recycle your sheets as decorative accessories

Recycling ideas to recycle your sheets as decorative accessories

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Before throwing away a pair of sheets, too pretty or not replaced quickly, ask yourself if it could not be useful to you elsewhere ... Bed canopy, play tent, armchair cover: the editorial staff listed in pictures a list of ideas to redirect this abandoned light laundry to a completely different function.

Sheets to pitch a play tent

Serendipity ### Hoist a sheet over broomsticks gathered with a rope. This is an original way to plant a new teepee-shaped playground in the toddler's room! Note that here, even colored sheets are welcome ...

Sheets to cover an old sofa

Ikea ### The custom is well known when it comes to unsightly sofas. Hop, we dress it with a classic sheet and some brand new cushions and here we forget in no time, his lack of aesthetics.

Sheets to lower the height of the ceiling

Ikéa ### Is your ceiling too high? Want to lower it visually to make the room more intimate and warm? Hang the four corners of a white sheet like him, letting its surface fall one or two meters. With lightness and voluptuousness, this wispy cloud brilliantly takes up the challenge.

Sheets to style the canopy bed

Essix Home Collection ### Diverting a drape into sheer curtains to style a four-poster bed in style, it's very simple! In addition, the result is chic and refined. Suffice to say that this metamorphosis is worth the detour!

Sheets as headboard cover

AM.PM ### Is the headboard a bit worn or really unattractive? Dress it with a white sheet (or colored as desired) to sew on the side so that it is stable and well maintained. For sewing enthusiasts, a zipper will be even more effective in this sense!

Sheets as curtains

Ikéa ### Attach a sheet to a large rod itself installed on the ceiling, and you are provided with a custom blackout sheer. To hide storage, a dressing area or separate the room in two without breaking the bank, this is ideal!

Sheets for covering old armchairs

Ikéa ### You have hunted down a nice range of old armchairs for your country house, and from now on, the objective is to revamp them! On the program: paint for the feet and textiles for the seats and backrests. But instead of buying a fabric in store, the time may have come to pick up your material from the mega stock of sheets that you no longer know what to do with.


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