Christmas in the garden, objects that change the decor

Christmas in the garden, objects that change the decor

If Christmas is more than a month away, Christmas decoration will take over our daily lives in almost two weeks. The time has therefore come to surround yourself with good decoration accessories indoors, but also outdoors, because the magic begins as soon as you arrive in the garden! Our shopping on a snowy background.

Bird shelters

Truffaut ### We also don't hesitate to awaken the whiteness of snow-capped trees with adorable nesting boxes for colorful birds. A zest of gaiety highly appreciated in pristine landscapes ...

XXL lanterns

Truffaut ### Diverting lanterns into decorative objects in the garden, we are for! Inside, no candles, but a knitted plaid or decorative animals, enough to set the cocooning mood or enchanted Christmas forest upon entry!

Charming characters

Truffaut ### After the tree branches, a series of decorative accessories is planted at their base, echoing winter sports. A fun miniature scene full of charm for all those who are attentive to detail.

Fir decorations

Truffaut ### Because we never tire of decorating the Christmas tree, this year, we even plan to decorate two! An inside, an outside ... On the condition, however, of opting for a minimalist dressing and an iron grip in order to prevent suspensions and balls from flying away!

White deer

Truffaut ### Populating the garden with the air of nothing, imposing decorative white deer split the effect "Christmas all white, Christmas frosted" ... Quickly, we install them at the foot of a tree or the entrance!

Pretty candles

Ikéa ### At the entrance of the house, on a bed of powder snow, a small collection of candles, dots, hearts, flakes, is set up to set the tone. One condition: shelter them inside a lantern for safety reasons!

A chic lantern

Kaemingk ### Hanging from a tree branch against the gate of the entrance, an elegant lantern enclosing the light of a candle, welcomes the magic of Christmas in its simplest device.