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Luminous duel, the candlesticks against the tealight holders

Luminous duel, the candlesticks against the tealight holders

** Once winter time is well and truly installed, candle lighting becomes the star of your interior! It remains to make your choice of decoration: candlestick or candle holder, prestigious decoration or more discreet? The debate has begun.**

Crystal chandeliers

### Inspired by crystal chandeliers, these models have enough to capsize the candle lighting on the side of refinement and high-end.

Minimalist chandelier

### Unique support for this column candlestick, which despite the simplicity of its design, offers great height for the candles.

Bright red candlestick

### A dramatic addition to the decor with this bright red translucent chandelier whose imposing, chic and slightly eccentric style is sure to stand out.

Highly decorative tealight holder

### A true decorative object, this large lantern in glass in the shape of a lantern alone gives the candle sheltered inside its height.

5-branch candlestick

### From the height of its retro air, this candlestick coated in a worn gold color, welcomes in beauty, 5 long candles.

Glass candle holders

### Nice game of transparency for this series of glass candle jars in which the candles rest on a sandy bottom. The little natural note that makes the difference!

XXL tealight holders

### Perched on long decorative branches as if they were floor lamps, these XXL candle holders make a strong impression in the living room.

Patterned candle holders

### The strong point of these candle jars? Join the total black & white look by mixing the patterns: stripes, polka dots, flowers or tiles, enough to create a nice composition, small but funnily graphic.

Candle holder

### To many, the candle holders stand out clearly. So the multiple candle holder is a good alternative to consider.