Fall patterns on bed linen

Fall patterns on bed linen

The wind is turning in the bedroom. Since the beginning of the month, autumn has settled in cheerfully, nesting on bed linen with highly seasonal patterns. Branches, tree leaves, red and golden palette: here is our selection.


Les 3 Suisses ### With its forest of trees half green, half brown, this bed linen sings a pretty autumn chorus filled with tenderness.

Autumn bouquet

Blanc des Vosges ### Nice bucolic mix of colchiques and peonies, whose contours, highlighted by a brown outline, confirm the fall inspiration of bed linen. Seasonal romanticism when you hold us!


Blanc des Vosges ### Large mix of branches and red, brown and pink leaves on the bed. One way like another to distil the style "between two seasons" in the bedroom, nicely enhanced by the reverse of the duvet cover, high in stripes.


Les 3 Suisses ### Elegant yellow branches stand out on the bed, giving it a little pre-winter note that is definitely poetic.


Les 3 Suisses ### Coming out of an artist's palette, spots of all colors crept onto the bed before being completed by fine lines scattered here and there. Suddenly, they become a creative interpretation of trees by the dozen…


Goal ### In the fall, the petals of dandelions become light egrets on which one has only one desire: to blow to make them fly away! It is this playful and naturally magical gesture that has been interpreted on this white bedding set. To eat!


Les 3 Suisses ### Elegant interpretation of autumn leaves on bed linen. An artistic and perfectly graphic series tinged with gold, gray and celadon green that does not leave us indifferent.

Tree leaves

Blanc des Vosges ### Jostling in the middle of the multiple patterns adorning this bed set, the design of tree leaves stands out discreetly. Add to that, a red, green and yellow color chart, and the room switches once and for all on the fall side.


Blanc des Vosges ### The very graphic set of opposites "black & white" combines with the autumnal softness of the dandelion patterns to perfect the timeless and poetic style of this bed linen.