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Connect day: the Seb brands workshop

Connect day: the Seb brands workshop

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All the brands of the Seb group were brought together for a day to present their new products in the fields of cooking, household appliances, but also beauty and hairdressing! Calor, Moulinex, Rowenta, Tefal and of course Seb, were present. For the occasion, workshops were used to test the products. went to the press presentation and reveals everything to you!

Breathe, you are at home!

Katia Rimbert The Rowenta "Intense pure air" intelligent air purifier works with a remote control or can be adjusted manually. In one hour, it renews the air in the room one and a half times. It adapts its filtration speed according to the pollution present in the room. It has four filters, the last of which - the Nano Captur - which is unique to the brand. It filters the most harmful pollutants released by cleaning products, scented candles, etc. The color of the granules present in this filter tells you whether or not to replace it. The device exists in two models, depending on the surface of your residence: 80 square meters or 35 square meters. Count respectively 350 and 250 euros.

The ideal iron for those who don't like ironing!

Katia Rimbert Calor innovates for 2015! The brand offers a compact central unit with no settings and a single temperature, very easy to use. Light and space-saving, it has a pressure of 5 bars and an ultra-slip sole which guarantees ironing that is very easy for all types of fabric. Price: 179.99 euros. Calor's cordless "freemove" iron is ergonomic thanks to its base with small castors. It allows a fluid and practical movement to recharge it on its base. Price: 109.99 euros.

A more advanced model for impeccable ironing

Katia Rimbert The Centrale Vapeur Pro Express is a more upscale model, which includes five electronic settings. The steam boost allows vertical steaming, while a spray of micro droplets helps overcome wrinkles! The thinned tip allows more precise ironing, around the buttons or on a shirt collar for example. In addition, the sole is self-cleaning, thanks to a catalysis system. Finally, the limestone collector, included in the device, easily empties the particles. Price: 329 euros.

On the beauty side, there is something for everyone

Katia Rimbert Among the newcomers to the house, there are two Infini Pro Élite hairdryers at 2200 Watts, a rotary heated styling brush for short (and wet) hair with two different tips (69.99 euros), or an iron to complete Respectissim with timer at 59.99 euros. For these gentlemen, the Air Force Precision mower sucks up 95% of the hair in a tank, so that it can no longer be found everywhere in the sink! It has 21 different kinds of height, for a price of 69.99 euros, while the Wet & Dry mower can be used in the shower (39.99 euros).

It is shaking up in the kitchen!

Katia Rimbert Tefal's Snack Collection is an evolving waffle iron, which will allow you to make pancakes, donuts, small pancakes with patterns thanks to sets of plates (19.90 euros each) to add. Price: 75 euros. The Optigrill is a meat grill which offers you to adapt the cooking according to your food. The appliance cooks above and below so that the meat is well seared. You can also cook fish, burgers, or put the grill in defrost mode. A sensor calculates the thickness of the deposited part. Its removable plates facilitate cleaning. Price: 199 euros.

In the kitchen, the trend is towards connectivity!

Katia Rimbert If the coffee maker located on the left in the photo allows you to connect your alarm clock (on Smartphone) to the device to have your hot coffee as soon as you jump out of bed, the Magic Color kettle, in the center, changes color depending on the water temperature. It goes from eggplant to candy pink when the water is hot! Price: 54.99 euros.

The Cookéo 2.0

Katia Rimbert You probably know the Cookéo de Moulinex. This year, the Bluetooth version is available. The intelligent multi cooker now works with a dedicated application that brings together a multitude of recipes. Then, it's up to you to choose the number of people you cook for and all you have to do is follow the steps from the dashboard! Count 329.90 euros.

Frying food has never been easier

Katia Rimbert Actifry Smart XL from Seb is the new version of the brand's fryer, which requires only one spoon of oil, but in a connected version! Connected to an application (free), it can prepare more than 150 recipes and adapt cooking according to the ingredients. For example, she is able to turn nuggets to brown them on all sides. Price: 326 euros.

An all-in-one device to make your life easier!

Katia Rimbert Moulinex's Cuisine Companion can do it all! Cut, chop, knead, brown, and so on! It has automatic programs, for cooking soups, making pastries, etc. The novelty is a kit of discs for grating food directly in the tray, but also the steamer (available in December), which allows two different cooking times in addition to that of the tank. Robot: 699 euros. Steam cooker: 129 euros. Set of graters: 99 euros.


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