All chocolate in the decor

All chocolate in the decor

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You will love chocolate? Why not bring this color into your interior, all without taking a gram? On the occasion of the Salon du Chocolat which takes place from October 31 to November 4, 2012 in Paris but also in many cities in France, we suggest you add a little greediness to your decor with gourmet brown.

Highlight furniture with chocolate

La Redoute If you have beautiful wooden furniture, know that a chocolate-colored wall will not fail to highlight them. We place a row of low furniture against the wall to create a warm decor.

A chocolate separation wall

V33 To clearly define the spaces between two rooms, you can choose a strong color to mark the transition. Here, the partition that separates the two rooms displays a deep chocolate that contrasts with the white of the walls and skilfully blends with the brown color of the parquet.

Chocolate for woodwork

Ripolin To enhance interior doors and woodwork, chocolate and its enveloping color will be your allies. It will also give a fairly contemporary style to classical architecture. Do not hesitate to combine chocolate with other colors such as blue to create a winning duo.

Pistachio chocolate cuisine

Ikea To evoke chocolate in your kitchen, nothing like dark and deep brown wooden furniture. We combine them with green walls to create a nice gourmet chocolate pistachio blend.

Milk chocolate cuisine

Fly Be aware that all shades of brown can evoke chocolate. In this kitchen, it is an almost taupe light brown that will remind you of milk chocolate. The atmosphere is just as warm and delicious!

Ethnic chocolate

Saint Maclou To reconnect with the exotic regions where cocoa is found, you can opt for an ethnic style by highlighting your objects with an intense chocolate wall as well as curtains to create a warm atmosphere.

Chocolate and beige

Aviva The chocolate color goes perfectly with beige, which gives it a brighter touch. In this kitchen, we have found the right balance by painting walls and worktops in chocolate and keeping the kitchen furniture in a lacquered beige.

A chocolate bathroom

Leroy Merlin Finally, know that chocolate finds its place in all rooms, even in the bathroom where it will increase the temperature. You can imagine it perfectly in a bathroom with oriental accents that evokes the warmth of hammams.


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